Tuesday, August 12, 2014

DoubleDecker photo niceness...

Traveling thru London by double decker bus gives such a fun glimpse into its beautiful architecture and stunning uniqueness as a city in a convenient and nicely busish vantage point. Of course for this photo nerd, I can happily sit by the window gleefully taking photos with my nose pressed to the window and it's perfectly acceptable. I had such memorable time visiting family, friends and supporters stateside this last month and thankful for the safe trip back...

Travel in a nutshell: 
After 24 hours of plane hopping from Tampa to Miami to London, with fiction filled layovers and meals that have recognizable labels, but taste like they may have landed here from another planet's food chain. Crowding into Underground tube stations and yanking my two ton luggage over that Gap. Paying to use the toilet at the Coach station (???err still not reconciled to having to pay to go into toilets here. PS. They don't seem any cleaner than the free ones, in fact usually worse- just sayin). And then a 4 hour journey by bus to Derby, with only one mild occurrence as an irate couple, who missed their stop, proceeded to curse our bus driver to some God forsaken land, namely hell, because he wouldn't drive them back. 

All in all though, a smooth, successful traveling experience. And to top it off my lovely friends on the YWAM base cooked me a delicious curry to welcome me home. Best part :)

I suppose, craziness of YWAM life, you may now resume pace...

The boys and I (my bro and dad pictured)

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  1. These were lovely photos and I enjoyed hearing about your adventure back to your home base. I am looking forward to hearing about what is new in Derby as you continue your mission work.
    Love and God's blessings to you, my Nene.



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