Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Amsterdam photo love

The Netherlands is a lovely country, and the city of Amsterdam, with all its narrow canals and fascinating, building architecture, truly breathtaking.

            We recently arrived back from 
spending 6 unforgettable weeks in this city and a couple other surrounding areas during this year's DTS overseas outreach. It was so much fun for our team to be able to share Jesus with people from all over the world 
through a variety of ways within these city streets. 

We saw God challenging our team to grow in confidence in stepping out in various forms of evangelism. Our team shared the Gospel and prayed with people, sang worship & praise songs in the narrow streets and declared scripture around the city, ministered to homeless and drug dealers and participated in practical helps projects.  

One of the areas we ministered in was the Red Light District, reaching out to the ladies behind the windows. We offered teas, coffee and listening ears to hear their stories and those shared were heartbreaking. Many were open to praying with us and we even saw one of the ladies come to accept Christ and leave that life behind. Please pray that these women have a revelation of their identity in Christ and that all of these windows would close up for good!

In our downtime, when not sampling Dutch Stroopwafels or taking much welcomed naps, I was snapping away on my camera and wanted to share a brief glimpse of the sights for you...
If you ever get the opportunity, I would highly recommend a venture through this picturesque land...

The End.


  1. How beautiful; both the pictures and you ministry! Praying for those your team reached out to.

    1. Thank you Lauren for your prayers and encouragement!! Bless you! :) xxJ


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