Friday, January 24, 2014

Finally, First Look at Derby

This blog has been a bit silent for the past couple months!
Not for lack of things to write or pictures to post,
but for lack of the illusive thing called extra time!

I've been serving as missions staff of a DTS (Discipleship Training School) with YWAM in Derby, England for 5 months now which is CRAZY and still at times, hard to believe that I'm on distant shores and separated many thousands of miles away from all that has been familiar to me 
in my life up until this point.

It is fascinating being submerged in an entirely different culture.
For, although we speak the 'same' language...
English and American culture, norms and use of language is and can be, quite divergent.

My DTS team is amazing. The staff and students that I get to daily spend my time with are each inspiring and fun and challenging me to grow in many ways. 

Below is a brief visual glimpse into the city that I am living in and our wonderful Urban Missions DTS.

Am determined to get back into regular swing with my bloggy. 
Hope my friends and readers out there in the blogosphere are well and tackling this 2014 new year 
with major gusto and fullness of grace and joy!

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