Sunday, August 18, 2013

This Girl's Flying Away

Tomorrow is the day.


I will be off to Derby, England.

I can scarcely believe the time has finally come.

My last couple weeks here in the states have been super busy.

Here's a quick recap!

Lots of loose ends to tie up at work and I'm pretty sure my 
awesome new replacement
was wishing I was a lot less scatter brained.

Sorry, girly!

Fun times all around though :) I will miss this crazy busy, lovely place.

I had a super time with coworkers at one last lunch together.

Stuffed french toast anyone?

I miss them all already.

And a spur of the moment dinner date with two loveliest of ladies :)

My aunt took me out for pedi's and a "sending off" Italian meal this past week as well. 
A cannoli was necessary to top the evening, 
and yes after all this eating I may have gained a pound or two :(


Packing really hurts my brain though.

It was not enjoyable. Not even in the minutest fraction of an amount.

In fact I get a headache just thinking about how horribly everything fit and what didn't fit :(

But it was probably God's way of showing me all the things that are simply things
that I don't really need so much afterall.


I was happy to share about this mission at my church today. It was quite nerve-racking to present it three different times but I was glad for the chance to meet new faces,
get lots of hugs and hear some great stories in return.

I'm so grateful for these 'lasts' before the new 'unknowns'...

I will remember these sweet, crazy days leading up though with much fondness
in the months to come :)

See you on the other side of the Pond, my friends!

oh...and pizza. Did I mention eating quite a lot of that?

 And like a ton of Sweet Berries Ice Cream :)

my wonderful grandparents, my daddy, brother and I :) last two pictures


  1. Aw Sister I love you and am so proud of excited for you too...WE MUST SKYPE/GOOGLE VIDEO OFTEN!

    1. Yes we willlllll :) Love and miss you much :) xxoo

  2. Ahhh, today's the day! Bittersweet in many ways, I know, but I know that this next season will hold amazing blessing as you step into the unknown, into what's next. Praying for safety as you travel and a smooth and easy transition into your new home! As excited as I am for you, I will still be a tiny bit sad that you are that much further away... but I'll get over it. ;) Love you!!!

    1. Thank you Melody! I can scarcely believe that I am here. It's crazy strange but so good because I know I am exactly where I need to be and while this will be the biggest challenge of my life to date, God will supply me with all I need. An adventure for sure. I think very much you should come visit me :) love you!!! xxoo

  3. Exciting! I can only imagine what it must be like to pack up your things and move across the world, even when you know it is what God wants and you are excited about it, it must still be so hard. I really admire you for that. Welcome to England!

    1. Aww thank youuuuuu I so appreciate your sweet words :) I'm so happy to be here and excited for all that God has for me. I may be asking your for some advice on things haha :)

  4. Wow! That seemed to come fast. Congrats, Jeanine! Safe travels and best wishes. :)

    1. Thank you Rissi It did fly up super fast in the end and I just like all of a sudden ran out of time! I still can't believe I'm here!!! :) Can't wait to share more, thank you for your well wishes *hugs*

  5. I am sooooo behind on my blog reading. Hence all the comments you'll get from me! :D

    Can't believe the time has come and gone. It's hard to say goodbye to loved ones, isn't it? Even when excited for new ventures, leaving loved ones behind is still sad. So there's lots and lots of mixed feelings! In case you're wondering, I'm experiencing something similar. Not quite as big a deal as your move, but I am moving across the US. So the yucky packing thing? TOTALLY understand and agree! Double yuck. ;)


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