Thursday, July 25, 2013

Treasure in Friends

I'm still here ...busy tying up many loose ends.
Trying to remember everything I know I'm forgetting to do :)

Making lots of lists.

Very excited :)

So blessed 
Appreciating all the amazing people
I have met and gotten to know over lunches and chats and
through church over the past few weeks.

I've been so inspired by our conversations and grateful for all the 
advice and words of wisdom humbly bestowed :)

Every person has a story.
Is living a journey, that when shared with others,
is a treasure for us the listeners to hear and learn from.

God never ceases to amaze me how good he is
 and how he supplies all that we need, 
exactly when we need it.

Thankful for these new friendships and excited for them to keep growing :)

*photos in this post courtesy of pinterest

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day...Bring on the "Heat"

Happy Independence Day to my fellow American friendlies!

I have a happy day off from work today, which is always welcome for a break and sleeping in. 
The sun is doing its best to poke it's head out of the overcast skies...hoping this constant rain will be at an end now. We are thoroughly water-logged.

Last evening I had a super-fun time with good friends.
We hung out, snapped as many pics as we could and ate yummy food.
We talked about lots of things, laughed a whole bunch
and then traipsed across Main Street to catch a flick.

We watched The Heat with Sandra Bullock (really, really funny, although very profanity-laced)

I am enjoying these last weeks with those I love, appreciate and cherish as much as I possibly can.

This afternoon, I get to spend time with the family for some poolside time, provided those rainclouds stay away...
then maybe off to the beach tonight for fireworks...

What are you doing? Anything special this day?

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