Sunday, June 30, 2013

Commence the Declining and Falling

I had thought I was navigating this new decade that I have found myself in, fairly well.

Until...last week.

Over the past year and then much more frequently, I was experiencing intensely daily headaches and exploding eye pain, eye tiredness etc...

At first, I thought I wasn't getting enough protein in my diet or something...

So I forsook my previously veggetarian-ish diet.

And commenced the force feeding of large quantities of broccoli, beans and carnivorous fare.

No change.

In fact the pains were getting worse.

Due to the urgings of friends, eh know who you are :) I reluctantly headed to the eye doctor not really thinking that would shed any light on this situation.

BUT lo and behold, I found out I need the dreaded...reading/computer glasses.

Apparently, due to the increasing presence of "screens" in our day to day lives and because I for one, have a job where I am in front of one all day and then come home and work on it more all night...well it has resulted in a new occular diagnosis called:

Computer Vision Syndrome

Basically permanent eye strain due to forcing one's eyes to focus inward at close proximity for long periods of time.

Big blah.

So now, not only do I have random grey hairs sprouting up all over...

I now have to wear "computer" glasses.

Oy vey.

Due yourself a favor and give yourselves lots of breaks when viewing things on the computer...or your kindle/ipad...and keep a minimum distance of at least 15 -20 inches. Blink a lot to keep your eyes from becoming dry! and did I already mention, take frequent breaks!!!

The good news is, I haven't had a headache since wearing them and to that I have to say,


Now to the sink for mass application of hair dye. 

Pesky greys...whaaaat?



  1. Jeanine,

    I love reading your blog. You are funny and a very good writer. Now comes tomorrow I shall see your freshly dyed hair! I did mine too.


    1. LOL---yay, I'm so happy you stopped by :) and thank you for your sweet words!

      You did your hair too?? haha...good deal. I'm sure it looks beautiful! Hope you had a fun weekend... Playing guitar tomorrow yike, bikes! See you bright and early :)

  2. Oh my dear, I feel your pain. Oh how I feel it! Let's see now, how long ago was it? See, my memory is going too! ;)

    Anyway, I have always had good vision. No problems whatsoever. Until......until a few years ago. I can't remember when, but one day I started noticing that things looked blurry in the distance. And on it escalated from there. Friends told me I needed to see an eye doctor, but I hate going to the doctor! So I put it off. Plus I really didn't want to be told I'd need glasses, so I buried my head in the sand and refused to go. Yes. I refused. For months and months.

    But then. A friend of mine worked for an eye doctor at the time, and one day while she was at work, she called. This is what she says. "Kara, I'm at work, I'm going to schedule you an appointment. Do you want this day or this day? What time works best? I'm not taking no for an answer. You're coming in." So, yeah. In I went and out I came with a prescription and glassed ordered. :(

    I am thankful for them because I can finally acknowledge that I really needed them! But I still don't like wearing them all the time. Growing old is no fun at all! NO FUN AT ALL! ;P

    Gotta look for the sliver of silver lining in all of it. Still not sure what that is yet, but I know it's there somewhere. :D

    1. Once the memory start's goin... whew! I think that's a bad sign too...haha I'm glad your friend forced you into being seen by the really is no fun having to deal with the headaches and such...and the funny thing was i didn't even notice how often I was squinting to read things, it was just habit...crazy. So here's to the seeing super clear-silver lining! :) a plus definitely!

      Thanks for stopping by Kara, I love reading your comments as always!!! :)

  3. Well... for what it's worth, Jeanine, you look adorable in those glasses! :) The frames/style suit you really well. Glad you are feeling better despite the reluctance.

    It is going to be astronomical how many people will likely need glasses because of all the "screens" they sit in front of.

    Hope things are going well with you - have a wonderful week and Independence Day!

    1. Aww thank you Rissi :) I appreciate your sweet words, trying to get over that initial uber-self-conscious stage when wearing them...haha oh well. They do help me see very clearly and I love that fact very much so!

      And yes, I can't believe how many more people will need them as a result of our ever increasing/constant screen usage time...I'm thinking ophthalmology is a very good career to get into these days :)


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