Sunday, June 30, 2013

Commence the Declining and Falling

I had thought I was navigating this new decade that I have found myself in, fairly well.

Until...last week.

Over the past year and then much more frequently, I was experiencing intensely daily headaches and exploding eye pain, eye tiredness etc...

At first, I thought I wasn't getting enough protein in my diet or something...

So I forsook my previously veggetarian-ish diet.

And commenced the force feeding of large quantities of broccoli, beans and carnivorous fare.

No change.

In fact the pains were getting worse.

Due to the urgings of friends, eh know who you are :) I reluctantly headed to the eye doctor not really thinking that would shed any light on this situation.

BUT lo and behold, I found out I need the dreaded...reading/computer glasses.

Apparently, due to the increasing presence of "screens" in our day to day lives and because I for one, have a job where I am in front of one all day and then come home and work on it more all night...well it has resulted in a new occular diagnosis called:

Computer Vision Syndrome

Basically permanent eye strain due to forcing one's eyes to focus inward at close proximity for long periods of time.

Big blah.

So now, not only do I have random grey hairs sprouting up all over...

I now have to wear "computer" glasses.

Oy vey.

Due yourself a favor and give yourselves lots of breaks when viewing things on the computer...or your kindle/ipad...and keep a minimum distance of at least 15 -20 inches. Blink a lot to keep your eyes from becoming dry! and did I already mention, take frequent breaks!!!

The good news is, I haven't had a headache since wearing them and to that I have to say,


Now to the sink for mass application of hair dye. 

Pesky greys...whaaaat?


Friday, June 7, 2013

Ringling Photo Fun

Good Morning lovelies,

How come when you have a great day off from work and want to sleep in, your body most definitely wakes up and stays up around the time when you would normally get up for work?

Cruel and unusual punishment...

I took a personal day from work to head to Tampa for the 2nd part of my visa application request. Wish me luck and "speedy" prayers :)

Today is bright and sunny out, despite yesterday's Tropical Storm Andrea-rain and wind fest.

Thankfully just some minor roads flooded...nothing major. I've heard this Hurricane Season might be pretty bad...but I'm hoping that is just over-pessimistic weather people with too much time on their hands eager to make dire predictions...

I shall leave you with some fun times that co-workers and I had at the Ringling Art Museum.

Have a wonderful Friday 
Happy Weekend!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Countdown begins...

Yes, I'm still alive! I can't tell you how mad crazy life has been over the past month! Hence my silence...Very soon though, my blog will be a hum with all new experiences...provided I get my bum in gear and everything I need like financial support and travel paperwork and applications come through.

I basically sacked most of my belongings, and or gave them away, or am in the process of selling off my remaining items in preparation for leaving in exactly 11 weeks and 2 days.

I moved out of my apartment since my lease was up and moved in with my gracious Aunty once again for these next couple months.

When one is preparing to leave one's country for an extended period of time -which I will be for the minimum of two years (it's open ended so I'm there as long as God wants me there!) well, for sure, there is so much to think about and try to put in order.

I am a notorious procrastinator when it comes to getting my things together. Just ask my former apartment mates/siblings and they will tell you I waited until two days prior to move out date to pack.

However I have roughly 11 weeks to go and I plan on using my time wisely.

Three things I am trying  NOT to think about:

1. My visa not coming through in enough time. Yikes bikes, please pray I get it before the 11 weeks (I bought my plane ticket already!)

2. Leaving my family and friends AND Mr. Pancks for who knows how long!

3. How I am going to stuff everything I need and want to bring with me into two suitcases and a carry on and not have it weigh 200 lbs??? Do you know how many shoes I own??

Happy Weekend!!

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