Thursday, April 4, 2013

Turning the Big 3-0

Birthday weekend fun!

There are a few things I realized this momentous weekend:

1. Road trips to see the Fam on the East Coast of Florida is always super fun. Involves lots of eating.

2. Sometimes one may see their life pass in front of them when attempting said trip given the fact that this is Florida. An elderly man behind the wheel didn't even look over at me in my lane (next to him!!!) when he decided to plough on over. I had to slam on my breaks as he narrowly missed my front end as we drove across Aligator Alley.

This was bad on many levels: a. Getting into a wreck on Aligator Alley-is not the safest place when there could be ginormo reptilian creatures lurking around the swampy Glades surrounding the roadway.

b.The man didn't even KNOW he almost hit us as he obliviously kept driving 'slow' in the fast lane in front of me, despite me wailing on my horn for like a solid 30 seconds. I was SOOOOO angry.

I know really bad. I don't usually get like this...

And then (I might have been a tad close on his tale at this point) he had the nerve to wag his finger at me in front of his rear view window...I mean whaaaaa????????? Uh huhhhhh... I just remember lots of red flashing in front of my eyes. And irrational rage. Game on, grandpa!! (I hope my Dad's not reading this :)) Um, I didn't continue to beep at him or subtley suggest by inching ever closer that he should get the heck back, not at all. And when he did, boy did I fly by while bestowing unpleasant angry looks in his general direction.

geeeeesh. okay I feel better now sharing that with you. Road rage = Bad. Driver cutting you off and almost wrecking you = Bad too. hmmm what to do?

3. I'm going to admit it right off the bat, I turned the big 3-0, this past Monday. I thought about not mentioning the number. It's a tad bit scary you know; the fact that I've said goodbye to my twenties forever kinda makes my throat go a little dry and scratchy. And my heart does a funny little flip flop when I think about it. Like...I am not where I thought I'd be when I was a fanciful youth looking ahead to reaching this milestone (i.e. married, maybe kids, etc) Yikes, bikes.

That being said...

4. Looking back, I'm happy I've lived successfully as a happy career minded single gal through my twenties and enjoyed so many opportunities and lived in so many wonderful places and met such amazing people along the twenty-strewn pathway.

And now...change  is coming again. exciting and scary all at the same time. but im ready. It is so like our God to make sure we are absolutely ready in His timing and certainly not our own before He moves us on and out. He has done so much in this year in my life and I'm excited to see the path finally laid out a little more clearly. (I'll share soon!)

Joys I've Appreciated this week...

5. So once my sister and I got there, we had a wonderful time with family over Easter. They are a treasure. And entirely unique.
Me: Oh, Grandpa let me wipe up the table for you.

Grandpa: (with a slightly crazed/gleeful grin) I got it! as he whips out his trusty dustbuster and starts vacuming the crumbs off the kitchen table.

Me: (thinking in my  head after getting over initial shock) Errr yeahhh. why not right...???

6.  I also realized that Blueberry and Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast is absolutely divine and Heaven will have trees, I am certain, that blossom little french toast creations (see pic below.) 
I love these people I have been blessed to work with! So much fun :) Here are just a few of them and their lovely faces. We also had a delish white cake with jam spread in the middle, seriously best ever, to celebrate birthday fun.

Anyways i realize i dont feel much older afterall...
no more gray hairs suddenly emerged (more than normal that is)...
and im not throwing the towel in to join the spinster club quite yet...

I hope im a bit wiser,
and savvier,
and better with money spending habits than I was ten years ago.
 I feel like I have traveled down many important roads
and learned some very valuable lessons in my walk with the Lord throughout this past decade
Learning who I am in Christ...who I really am.
Me and Jesus walking, not side by side, but as ONE.
And I've been blown over by the revelation of God's Grace.
And how He sees me; the Righteousness of Christ.
In perfect and good standing with the Father. Right Now.
This revelation has changed everything for me.
I'm confident that God has good things ahead.
For all of us, His children.
And now I look forward to seeing what the next ten years will enfold.
Bring it on, baby!


  1. Happy Birthday for the other day! Very true what you say about walking together with Jesus and not just side by side, and a great reminder too :)

    I don't hold your road rage against you ;) And nearly being driven off the road in the middle of an alligator habitat does sound scary. I just can't imagine it, we don't have any animals that dangerous (or hungry for humans anyway, ha ha) over here that it sounds terrifying to me!

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes! And yes, it was a bit scary being practically ousted off the road. I should mention there is a bit of a fence between the road and the swampy area so there is a bit of a barrier, but still...come on right?? And they do actually at times get past the fence somehow so that's even crazier. The joys of living in a tropical climate I guess.

  2. AW! Looks like a great and fun weekend full of new memories, Jeanine! Wishing you a happy birthday. Hope it was a good one. :)

  3. Happy birthday, girlie! I hope and pray that this year will be your most amazing yet - though somehow, walking through life hand in hand with Jesus, every year always seems to be:)


  4. Happy Birthday! You are still very young. When I turned 30 I still felt like a young girl.

    You will not be a spinster. There are a number of places that you can meet that special man and as soon as you find those places tell me...LOL

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Happy birthday girl! I hope it was wonderful and that this next year is your best yet!

  6. Happy belated birthday! So glad you had a wonderful weekend (not counting the drive of course ;). Btw, if you think FL drivers are bad, don't ever come to CA! Trust me, it's not pretty.

    Ah yes, turning that number was a jolt to me also. I still find it extremely weird that I'm in my 30s now. I really thought I'd at least feel adult(ish) by this time of my life. When I was a teen, I imagined what it would be like and seriously, I really thought I'd have life a little more figured out and that I'd feel like at an adult. HA! There went that idea down the drain pretty quickly! :P

    Truly though, I do feel a little more settled in some ways (though not in others, sigh). I've simply learned that there is much more the Lord has to teach me and I've sure got a long way to go yet. I'm just a slower learner than others. But I will get there!

    Your posts always encourage me, thanks for that. :)


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