Friday, April 12, 2013

Strangers at the Door and My Over-Reactive Imagination

Dave Mckean Illustration

Have you ever house-sat for anybody? Dog-sat, maybe, while the owners were away?

Have you ever stayed in a house, alone, that is unfamiliar...? Where everything is foreign and sounds are all new and suspicious?

I am currently dog-sitting and sleeping over a friend's house this weekend while they are away.

Tonight is the first time ever.

Her doggy is adorable.

So after the two of us bonded over bacony-smelling dog treats and lots of belly rubs, I made myself a veggie burger and some french fries. Easy enough.

Sat down to eat and then...

The doorbell rang...


To get it or not get it-when one is in someone else's house???

This is the question I have for you! I mean, really, what do you do??

I sat my plate down after the initial high-speed jolt to my heart rate from the shock.

My friend didn't tell me to expect anyone, so who the hey was that?

I went to the front door and went on tippy toes to see through the convenient little peep hole.

photo courtesy of google :)
The dog was going crazy barking so I knew there was someone, or some thing...out there.

From the warped, fuzzy, mostly limited view I could make out the form of a man with his arms crossed.

Who doesn't look like a total Ted Budy-serial-killing-creepster through a peep hole anyways?

Especially when one is A-L-O-N-E.

So I reasonably concluded I wasn't going to open the door.

I waited there.


He waited there...


Scheming for other routes of entry??

And then he spun around and walked under the carport. Out of view.

Presumably heading for the side door.

I waited for a few moments  racking my brain for whether or not I locked that side door when I came in...


Oh, wait, I did.


I certainly wasn't going to go over to the door and check because it had a big ole half window.

I would be so clearly visible. Clearly.

Hmm...not so much.

So I hovered and waited some more.

No more knocks.

The mystery man must have left because I did not see him again, much to my relief.

Now I'm trying not to jump everytime I hear the air-condition come blasting on with a loud bang.

Trying not to startle everytime I hear cutie come through the back door flap from the yard as the flap makes this eerie metal on metal scraping noise.

Keeping my cool, even when I hear the front door do this weird "sucking" noise like it's being pushed in from the outside.

The dog, poor thing is quite skittish, so her barking at every other noise doesn't help.

The wind is whistling through the trees.

That noise, never helps.
So I've concluded, the problem with being a creative readerly type---I have way too big of an imagination about what could, or possibly might happen.

Snap out of it kid.

I'll get over these first-night blues...don't worry.

And now you can regale me with tales of your own and make me feel less like I'm the only over-reactive, hyper-paranoid, crazy-brained female.


Good night for now. See you on the brighter side of tomorrow.

I hope... 



  1. Oh my dear, I have been there. Oh how I have been there! I've house-sat for people, and yes. Unknown houses have SO many creaks and noises!

    And you know what else? So does my house! It still kind of gets me sometimes, when I'm home alone and there's this noise and WHAT was that? Or the dog barks at something outside and I look and can't see anything. Immediately MY big imagination says "I bet someone's just hiding, waiting to see if you're home. Waiting to see what you'll do. So what will you do, Kara?"

    Answer: Go hide in my room and put on music or a movie and try to distract myself. Which usually works. But man. I really dislike having an imagination at that moment! ;D

    1. LOL...too funny I am so glad you can relate and I'm not the only one out there with an over-reactive mind :)I love your prescription for said crazies...loud music or a good movie...yes indeedy. That works marvy :)

  2. I don't recall any particular stories, but I know exactly the situation, and not just in someone else's house. Readers alone in a house? Maybe.

    1. Yes Hana!!! haha...and you are right not just in someone else's house...I think that must be thanks to the crazy society we live in today as well...I kinda think fifty years ago, it wasn't as 'scary' to hear weird noises and imagine the worst! :))

  3. Bahahaha! I am exactly the same! I do NOT do well on my own! I've watched way too many episodes of Criminal Minds to cope efficiently adult life!


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