Thursday, April 18, 2013

Call To Missions part 2

As fall of 2013 approaches, I will be packing my bags.

Stuffing as much of my worldly belongings as I can into two suitcases and a carry-on.

I'm moving to England to help staff a Discipleship Training School as a YWAM missionary.

What will I be doing? 

Primarily helping to organize, and keep a smoothly running Training School that is meant to provide young people the opportunity to grow in their relationship with Christ, discover their giftings and encourage them to step out beyond their comfort zone in loving the lost through a variety of ways; preparing them to either enter into a life of full time mission work or better equip them to live out an authentic Christ-like walk in their everyday life "back home"...

Why in England? Aren't the people reached already?

A few mind-boggling fast facts:

Europe, once the foundation of the Christian world...

Christian growth over the past 50-100 years - the lowest in the world.

Greater Europe Mission concludes statistically that over 400 Million people across this continent have never opened a Bible.

Like ever.

Just to put it in perspective:

America...1 out of 5 people profess to be bible-believing Christians
Latin America..........1 out of 10
Africa......................... 3 out of 20
Middle East..............  1 out of 25
Europe...................... 1 out of 40

_________ the most densely crowded nation in Europe...and dubbed a secularized, “post-Christian” society.

It may have a lot of beautiful cathedrals and cute country churches, but many buildings now either stand empty or face dwindling congregations as the older generations die off. The young people, they are looking elsewhere for meaning and truth.

I am excited to make myself available for God to use in this nation. 
I absolutely fell in love with England when I was there with YWAM the first time.

It's a beautiful country and they have such a diverse culture.

I also believe YWAM is a fantastic vessel to allow for the Message of Christ to be released in such a variety of awesome ways...And I know training up other young people to go after knowing God with all their hearts and helping them release that passion to a world hurting around them is something I feel so honored and excited to be a part of.


  1. Yay for part 2! :) But seriously, this is such an awesome thing you're doing. I've heard some of those statistics before and they always break my heart. All those lovely churches sitting empty or being used for other things besides worship. And the people most definitely need others there to show them how wonderful and amazing life can be by allowing God total control.

    I can imagine it's a little scary, that's a mighty big step you're taking! But you are so right, God will take care of everything. And I'll be praying all goes well and smoothly! :)

    On a side note, will you be able to continue blogging? I hope so, I so enjoy reading your thoughts and encouragements. You are definitely blessed with a way with words. I'm sure you'll be incredibly busy though, so was just curious how things will be around here. :)

    1. Thank you Kara for your encouragement and support :) I need to hear it! and yes the statistics are crazy and I they are more staggering per country in europe-like I heard from one girl in Spain it is like 1 out of every 100 person...just crazy stuff from a continent that seems or seemed to be so "christian" at one time..

      Most definitely I will still blog and keep this place as one of my main ways of communicating what I'm doing there as wel...and would love if you kept in touch! I so look forward to reading your thoughts and comments and though I dont get near as much chance to comment as I'd like I love to read your blog as well. Be patient with me! haha Thank you so much :)))) Have a great week!

  2. Jeanine!!! So ironic that you're going a little closer to my neck of the woods and I'm over in the States now!! This is amazing! We're having a missions conference right now and I just feel like after reading this that God is screaming at me MISSIONS! I will be praying for you over the coming months as you prepare mentally and spiritually! I'm so excited for you! Europe is in desperate need of gospel discipleship!

    In Christ, Leah

    1. I know right??!!! Are you planning on going back after school for good or too early to tell at this point? I think that is awesome what God is speaking to you about Missions! who knows, maybe we will be neighbors over there some day :) It is a huge challenge and thankfully for me, God is so awesome to equip as He leads because certainly there are many more better qualified but He doesn't seem to care too much about that kind of thing :)

  3. None of the statistics surprise me one bit. I don't think that people are turning away from God, but instead turning away from religion. Being religious and being spiritual are two different things. No one wants to go to church every week and be told they are born sinners. That means that right out of the start gate you are already inadequate and this type of indoctrination has helped to wreck havoc upon society. People who get up each Sunday to go to church want to be uplifted, not made to feel unworthy. They also do not want to hear that God is love one minute and the next he is being judgmental and punishing. I think that man through religion has twisted the true nature of God which is ALL LOVE 100 percent of the time. Church buildings all over the world have emptied because religion has failed them. It is not just happening in the UK. Where I live the Diocese closed 33 Catholic churches in 2010 because of low attendance. This is just in my area alone. I am trying to get one near my home to turn into a spiritual center.

    I think that church as we knew it is done. It's time has passed. The masses of the people will never return to church to the old programming. People have got to know that they are worthy of God's love and that God loves ALL people.

    1. Hey girly! I think that is a great point you bring up about people turning away from many organized type religions but not necessarily God...that is very true especially in the younger generation, I know people like this... but I just think we also need to be careful because sadly many more people in this culture of today are picking and choosing their own religious beliefs based on what's good for me is good for me and may not be good for you -"anything goes" kinda of a thing but not necessarily biblically based ya know? That's the key thing. Does it jive with what Jesus taught? If not than there is something off...He's got to be the standard.

      And yes, I think church as we have known it is changing drastically and I believe God desires this change, bringing people back to a pure, Christ centered Gospel.

      Thank you so much for your thoughts and sharing with us :)

  4. As a British Christian I am aware of these sorts of statistics and aware of the decline in church attendance and Bible reading. One thing that does give us hope is that there are churches, and organisations such as YWAM, that are the beacons of light that continue to flicker in this country and that over time these lights are becoming brighter and brighter. We need people like Jeanine, and people like those in my own church - obviously I include myself in that! - to keep showing Christ to others, and to not give up on what is now very much a secular country. My church is very mission focused - both here and overseas, and I don't think I could be part of one that wasn't. We are small in number but we still exist. Let's keep faith that God will do great things here because I trust that He will!

    I look forward to hearing more about your adventure Jeanine, and am so excited for your calling!

    1. Yes!-we all as christians just need to have that simple realization that we are all 'beacons of light' wherever we go, whomever we speak to, in our jobs, where we go for coffee...we're all light. Just as we are, followers of Christ whether we go 100 miles away or 10...I think the awesomely simple thing for us to do is simply let him BE through us...all that is good, and pure, and right and loving. So powerful and I think the world will be turned upside down.

      That's awesome that your church has a hold of that revelation and is being that light! yes!! God seemed to overwhelmingly use small numbers throughout biblical history and that never seemed to phase the outcomes at all, in fact it was the opposite so "small in numbers" is still mighty indeed :) that's awesome girly! I hope at some point we can meet up, I would LOVE that!

  5. Gah!! Missed all this, somehow.... SOOOO happy for you and proud to call you my friend! Grinning like a fool right now... love you! <3

  6. I'll be praying for you and those over in Europe!


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