Monday, March 11, 2013

The Tutor's Daughter and a Day for Naps

Happy National Napping Day!!

Bet you didn't know that was a real "holiday"... it totally is, and was today!!

I think I intuitively knew that it was because I was EXHAUSTED the WHOLE day.

A couple times I may have slumped over unconscious at my desk. Course that could have been because I had turned into a frozen popsicle. I may have mentioned, but my office is Fra-eezing like all the time.

It might also have a little something to do with Daylight Savings.

Also because I stayed up till 4 A.M on Sunday morning because I was reading this lovely book pictured above. I don't seem to recover from almost all-nighters very quickly anymore... ;)

My sister gave me The Tutor's Daughter by Julie Klassen at Christmas and I just now had the chance to read it.

It's 400 pages.

And I read this book in 11.5 hours!

I couldn't put it down!

 That's how good it was.

I don't read a lot of christian fiction anymore because after growing up on a steady diet of it, a great deal of Christian historical fiction just seems formulaic and re-hashed. And I'm bored like after five minutes.

Like how many UMPTEENTH times can I read about how some hoity-toity chick goes out West looking for "a new life" and just so happens to meet a hunky, drop dead gorgeous blacksmith or rancher. Who happens to be a widower and has a kid. And proposes to her like after they just meet and then she has to learn how to bake corn bread morning, noon and night whilst learning how to ride a horse backwards or something, much to the admiration of all?

This book kept me turning pages. There were lots of "secrets" and mysterious goings ons in a big huge mansion on a cliff...set during the Regency era. And stuff I didn't see coming until the end.

Klassen is superb at weaving an intricate, interesting story while tying in a great love story as well. I think this is her best to date.

Lady of Milkweed Manor was her first novel and the first one I read by her and I knew from that book on I was sold on her mad genius story-telling skills and have bought every book since.

I highly recommend this one.

No, this isn't really a book review. I don't do those very well.  This is just a highly exhuberant post from a sleep deprived girl sharing one thing she enjoyed this past weekend.

I must really be tired because now I'm resorting to talking about myself in the third person.

I'll stop now.

IF you want to read an actual synopsis about this book click the book title above! Amazon does it so much better than me.

Have you read it? or any other good fiction you would recommend to us, dear friends?


  1. Happy you liked this one, Jeanine. I just got through with - and LOVED - Lisa Bergren's second novel in the Grand Tour series. It's a great historical backdrop but never loses sight of the character. And Cora is such a compelling heroine whose struggle is relatable.

    Sure I could think of more but... like you say, it's time for bed. :)

    1. Ooo I will look that book up for sure. Thanks Rissi!!! :))) I love a compelling, relatable character...I haven't read anything by Bergren yet. Always fun to find new authors.

  2. I bet that you are great at book reviews. You certainly inspired me to but this book on Amazon. :-)

    1. LOL-thanks girly! I know you would love it! (at least I imagine you would haha)It's written very much in the style of some very well done classic stories like Austen meets Bronte with Klassen style all her own :)

  3. Isn't it just SO GOOD?! Julie Klassen hooks me in every single time. I have yet to not enjoy her stories. I could totally be highly exuberant with you! Name the time and place and I'm there. lol :D

    Loved your description of christian fiction. You pretty much nailed it! ;P But I still love most of the books. I just split them up between other regular fiction stories. That way I don't get too tired of them. Generally. There are definitely some authors that I used to LOVE who I can't stand to read anymore. I feel terrible just typing that out, but it's the truth. Lori Wick? Her books are basically all the same story just different settings and different character names. I have old favorites of hers, but haven't read any more recent ones. (I hope she's not your favorite author! Please don't let me stick my foot in my mouth any further if so.)

    Also? Why do all the cool holiday's land on weekdays, which means I can't celebrate properly? So not fair!

    As a further note, tiredness seems to be a constant state for me. I never seem to have time to get online until late at night. Which means all my posts are written then also. Which also means sometimes I'm afraid to read them the next day. One of these days, I'll probably post something horribly embarrassing and learn my lesson. Which also means....hence this lengthy comment. (sorry)

  4. LOL--too funny Kara! I don't mind long rambling comments written in the wee hours of the night one bit. They're much fun! haha. I'm so happpyyyyy you loved it tooooo. Seriously, she's a genius. Fantastic storyteller.

    I wish more christian writers were like her. I agree 100% with what you said about Wick..I used to love her too and then not so much anymore. There is a whole slew of authors in my opinion which write toooo predictably. The stories are no fun--and I cringe when I read the back really??? Now I don't mean to be hard on them because as someone who is attempting to writer her own novel, I understand how HARD it is. But I feel like many of these big name authors settle for the easy paycheck to spit out what has sold before and we, the readers, are left with something we've read before. A time, or two, or three, or four!

    ANd yes, it's a shame cool holidays are never give to us off. If I was the President, I'd mandate -National Napping Day as that---stay home from work and sleep!!!! We'd be so much more productive the rest of the week, no??

    Hope you get some extra rest and happy trails through Friday and the Weekend beyond! wahoo! :)

    1. I agree that several authors seem to settle for easy paycheck and write the same stuff again and again. I'm not a writer, but I can definitely imagine that it's TONS of work. (Actually, I occasionally write poetry and can attest that it's nerve-wracking to write. So I guess I can understand to a certain degree.) But still. The ones, like Klassen, who try new things and new ideas are definitely what keeps me coming back to them!

      I also feel the same way about the Amish fiction out there. I know loads of people enjoy it, but I'm pretty much tired of it now. I've never read much of it anyway, just not my cup of tea (there are a couple stories I've enjoyed! But only a couple). But I'm SOOOOOOO ready to see something else on the shelves now. Whenever I go into a christian bookstore anymore, I have to pick through only about three or four shelves because 90% of the rest of it is Amish fiction. Sigh

      Okay, enough of that tangent. Sorry. Guess I got a little soapboxy there didn't I? :/

      On a happier note, I'll leave you a second comment on your newest post! Yay for comments! (Leastways I hope you enjoy them as much as I?) :D

    2. Totally agree with you about Amish fiction---what the???? WHy??? So over it like after the first 5 let alone 5 thousand that have followed. Yikes bikes. That's so neat that you write poetry!!! Love that...I don't think I've ever tried much of that except when forced in highschool English. I think some of it is so mesmerizing. Love poems by the Brownings... :))

    3. I love long as it rhymes. I'm kinda strange that way. I like my poetry to rhyme. Not sure if I'm all that great of a poet really, but I do enjoy it. :)

      I hadn't read much of the Brownings, until I read the book by Nancy Moser (How Do I Love Thee) about Elizabeth and Robert's romance. Lovely story, in my opinion. Anyway, I had to read some of their poetry after that, and really liked it. :)

  5. I legit LOLed at your description of Christian Historical Fiction. It's seriously so accurate! I grew up reading a ton of the genre, so it's sad now when I start seeing the repetitiveness of it. However, I still read it every now and then, especially when I'm in a book slump. It's like a palate cleanser - light, easy and usually just a fun break from everything else I typically read. Have you ever read anything by Siri Mitchell? I'd definitely recommend her - she avoids the whole cheesy factor you've mentioned and her stories and characters are really well-developed!

    1. @Hannah--lol so true, it's sad! haha...I agree though, it can be nice after a long stretch of either not reading anything or reading books of an entirely different genre =which you my dear read an impressive amount it seems like, which is so awesome!! I read "Constant Heart" by Siri Mitchell-the only book by her that I have read and I seem to remember liking it. I should try more from here then! thanks for the recomend. Cheesy need not apply. haha Thanks so much for stopping by girly!


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