Friday, March 15, 2013

Photoshopping Confo and Friday NIght Fun

Had so much fun with my co-working gal pals at the 
Kelby Photography/Photoshop Conference 
 in Tampa today!

Oh my...

You know when I was in design school we had a couple classes on Photoshop.
And I've used it quite extensively since...

But I didn't realize how many tools and functions that I was missing out on
-the capabilities of this software is truly amazing.

Makes photography/image editing so much easier when you actually know how to use the 
software as it is fully intended.

We also got to eat these ginormo BLT Turkey Brie Bistro sandwiches at lunch.

Food always takes an event to the next level.

There you have it. 

A day well spent :) We even beat rush hour traffic!

I'm so excited for the weekend. I'm in desperate need of a haircut. Top of my priority list.
Sleeping in is another :)

My grandparents' double birthday bash is scheduled for St. Patty's Day. Can't wait for that!

How bout you? Any fun or interesting plans? 

All that is left to be said is:

Some people hang out at hopping clubs on a Friday night.
Other go out for a night on the town...
Maybe see a show or hear a band play.
Or go on a hot date or something.

Then there are some who decide to spend it quietly at home.
Sitting in front of their computer,
with a heaping bowl of Cold Stone Ice Cream 
 watching netflix movies.

Sometimes that's just as much fun :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. Your Friday night sounds awesome! Definitely the way I spend a lot of my nights, Friday's included. Sometimes watching something, sometimes just on the internet. But always on the computer in some way or another. I do stop to read too, but my laptop seems to control me some days!

    "Turn me on" it says. "You know you want to" it says. "What else are you going to do? Nothing. You'll give in. I know it." it says.

    (Yes, didn't you know computers can talk? Mine certainly does. It goes along with the paperclips I talked about in my Wed. post. You probably didn't read it, but I stated that I've noticed myself giving feelings to paperclips and other inanimate objects. So my laptop totally fits right in!) :D

    Anyway, I'm planning to celebrate National Napping day tomorrow by sleeping in. YAY! I love my sleep and after some of the crazy things I've posts and commented this week, I think it's time I got more of it. :)

    Hope your weekend is all things awesome and splendiferously wonderful! :D

    1. My laptop has a way of dominating my time as well. Very demanding. haha I hope you were able to sleep in and catch up on all that missed sleep. I know I did a bit. Love. Sleep. I also ate way too much this weekend! HOpe you have a wonderful week!

    2. Ah sleep. Lovely lovely thing! I did get more sleep over the weekend. So here's hoping this week is fabulous! :) It should be, I'm planning to introduce S&S 2008 to friends who haven't seen it yet. Should be awesome!

  2. This workshop looks like one that I would have enjoyed. I took a photography workshop last Sunday and the instructor did touch on using Photoshop. Whether or not I decide to buy it will depend on how much I plan to use it.

    1. Oh that's right, you said you would be taking a class. I hope it was informative for you. This one was very enjoyable.

      Photoshop is really the quintessential tool for any serious photographer. Or Lightroom-which is a slightly less complex, cheaper similar-like version.

      I think I can safely say, every photo you see taken in any photography magazine/or magazine in general, or on display anywhere goes through photoshop...or similar software...I've heard countless pros attest to this and I also learned this in design school. It doesn't mean they get unnaturally altered, just tweaked to bring out some of the colors, or sharpness that is already there but that digitally was not captured to the fullest when the computer converts that digital image to what you see when you 'upload' onto computer. If that makes sense...

      anyways, a good tool to keep in the back of your mind to get in the future or whatever.

    2. Thank you for the Photoshop testimonial. I do want to become a great photographer so getting Photoshop is on my mind very seriously.

  3. Quiet evenings are my favorite. :) It is the best way to spend the nights.

    Went shopping yesterday afternoon (love Target!), got some fun books and saw some family. Came home with a yummy pizza and watched a comedy. Exactly my sort of day.

    1. I'm so happy you agree with me :))) quite simply the best, indeed :) I LOVE target too and get in sooo much trouble when I go because I NEVER leave with just what I came in for.

      I would eat pizza every night for dinner if I could and didn't think it would make me gain like 50 pounds in a very short while. Your day sounds sublime :) Thanks for sharing Rissi!!

    2. OMG, I LOVE Target too. Even Target online is great shopping.


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