Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mundane Life Vs. Epic Life

I used to think that if I did something important, 
really "Mother Theresa" important...

than God would consider my life more valuably spent 
than if I worked like a mundane 9-5 job or like you know, 
sold ice cream cones on a boardwalk along the beach somewhere.

Because surely, surely God looks upon the Amy Carmichaels, and George Whitfields, and Apostle Pauls, and Billy Grahams
and He must think that what they've done with their lives
is the ultimate, well done.

Do you know, I don't know about you,
but that is something that I've struggled with 
most of my adult life...

Feeling like I was being dogged by the "Wise-living" police.
There at every turn and corner.
Constantly on the alert to bring a heaping, boat-load of condemnation down upon my head every time
I looked back at my week and saw, well...

nothing very spectacular...

and lot's of it.

Sleeping takes up about a third of our week...

Driving to and from work.

Staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day or walking back and forth down a hospital hallway 
in the wee hours of the night answering call bells.

To the grocery store and back.

Cooking...or better yet:
off to the Thai Palace...for some Pad woon sen

Volunteering my time at a church outreach.

You know what the truth is?

The truth is God doesn't measure a successful life by 
the amount of "good" one accomplishes.  

He doesn't show any favoritism with his kids.
(Romans 2:11)

One life is not more valuable than the next.

He sees us all as dearly loved, children.
As friends.

Already accepted. Already pleased.

His feelings for me dont swing like a pendulum.

They always remain CONSTANT.
Has HE specifically created us to do certain things?
Sure, I for one think so.

Whatever that may be based on our talents and God-given desires.
And just being open to where He leads...

But we have to want to be open to that. If we choose something different.
 Not bad or "sinfully" different, just different...

Then I think He's okay with that, he's not going to twist our arm.

He doesn't burn with anger over our choice to choose something else.

He still wants the best for us, even then!

No two lives should ever be compared. We are all different for good reasons!
There is no pressure.

Above all else, I believe He most wants to just spend time with us.

Ultimately, that is it. Relationship.
I think this is the foundational revelation and thinking for us to grasp.

I may desire to serve him on the Mission field, but
I have to approach it with the right motives and right heart.

For my own good and peace of heart.

If I choose to stay or go, He will be equally proud of me.

Being content to just be with Him and
not despise the seeming "mundane" is a huge triumph in my opinion.

God uses it to teach us some pretty epically amazing things in these times of

And we are drawn ever closer.

Before Jesus ever did any ministry on earth-God said:

"This is My Son

whom I love
with him I am  
well pleased."

Happy Weekend folks :)


  1. That very last bit really brought your point home. Thank you for this, ma'am. :)

    1. Oh sweet :) Good feedback :)) Thank you for sharing your thoughts Liz and taking the time to read mine :)

  2. This was exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you!!! Way too often does the mundane and routine seem small and insignificant. But you're absolutely right. Nothing is insignificant in God's eyes. NOTHING! :)

    1. Yes, exactly, Kara...I think it is so easy and commonplace to despise the simple things and think they are not of much value or compare our lives with another's... God is equally proud and personally vested in each one of our lives no matter what the journey looks like. He's right here. :) And yes!!-nothing is insignificant!-I love that!!!

  3. Hi Jeanine,

    I see that you did an update to your blog. It looks fresh and lovely and this is such a nice post. I really admire your faith and how grounded you are in it.

  4. Er....btw, you just won the Liebster Award. Click the link to see what you won.

  5. @Collarcity: Oooh thanks I'm happy you like the new look! It's been so long really-ever that i've changed the background so I was a little skeered at first haha...but I love the change! THank you for your sweet words :)And for the bloggy award!! That is so nice!!! You're awesome chica :))

  6. I appreciated this so much, girl. Because I struggle with this too. I compare myself way too much and end up feeling guilty that I'm not MORE. Thank you for these words!

    1. Oh, I'm so glad Lacey, this makes some sense...comparison-truly the easiest thing to do with the worst consequences-namely making one feel inevitably HORRIBLE about one self. Eek...Thanks for your transparency...and here's to not comparing our lives with anybody else's anymore!! :))

  7. I needed to read this. Thank you.
    "His feelings for me dont swing like a pendulum.They always remain CONSTANT." This is beautiful. And true.

    That God loves me and I will not forget and neither will he.

    1. "God loves me, and I will not forget"...I love that! Yes, our comfort, security and destiny is wrapped in realizing our identity. We are loved. We are part of His family. So awesome! Thanks for sharing girl!

  8. Great post, Jeanine.

    At times, this is a struggle - wondering if there is anything beyond our "mundane" - or as I prefer, simple lives. To most, my life would be or is, "boring." For me, it's perfect. I don't crave excitement or existing in a life that is all about busyness and never being able to enjoy time with family. That just isn't me.

    While *we* may never do anything extraordinary, God loves each of His children, no matter what their life is like and so long as we've asked Him into our lives and are serving Him according to the Bible. He doesn't judge us if we prefer to stay home as opposed to holding a high-powered career. That is the kind of love God we want to serve.

    Great post - and glad to see you blogging, again. :)

    1. Thank you for sharing your heart, Rissi. Great comment!! I think it is perfectly awesome that you have a, as you call it, a "Simple" life and are happy in that--that is all that matters. It doesn't matter what anybody else thinks or how it compares to anyone else's life. Because it doesnt matter. It is your life and if you are where you know God would have you than it is a perfectly brilliant life because it's yours! And I think to us life might not seem filled with "extraordinary" feats, but to even use that label is not accurate I think because if you are living your life as God leads you than it is a life of faith and extraordinary because you are entirely unique and living it as NO OTHER human could live it. That my dear, is extraordinary :)) So yes! Like you said, God doesn't compare, and neither are we meant to :)Which is so freeing!

  9. Excellent post and I think it's part our adamic nature to compare and feel that we are not up to snuff. How wonderful to have a loving God who sees us finished and pure as gold. Resting in His uncomparable love leads to peace and direction. I found my mission field right here, sharing His love with people who won't live a long life. He just wants them to feel and know how much he loves them. Shake off the mundane and simple and rest in His loving hand.
    Awesomeness for sure, Neen.

    1. Yes exactly Nonnie! I like what you said, "it's part our adamic nature to compare and feel that we are not up to snuff" --we do this all the time!! To our own detriment and discouragement. I don't know why we insist on doing this. He sees us as "finished and pure gold" wahoooo I love that! I'm so humbled by that thought.I think the key thing is finding what we are called to do and doing it, as you are, because then everything just clicks and there is joy and purpose there. What you are doing is AMAZING and the love of Christ that you are able to display is priceless to the people you care for. Such a blessing :)) Thank you for sharing xxoo!


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