Monday, March 18, 2013

Food, Family and the Irish

Hope you had a lovely St. Patty's Day.

I did!! It was my grandmother's birthday.

And my sweet grandfather's too, just a few days before.

What to do?

Why, have a great big Corned Beef and Cabbage Birthday Feast!

So we're totally not Irish. At All. So just to make the day more culturally legit-
we threw in some Italian Cream Cake for good measure.

All were happy.


I was so busy stuffing large quantities of this cake in my mouth that I forgot to snap a pic.

Pinterest has kindly obliged...

My sister, Jessica, made the fabulous meal. Props to her! She will be posting the recipe she used on her (new!!) bloggy.

Be sure to stop by and say hi! :) Bloom and Prose

Hope you have a simply marvy week! One down...4 more to go... (JK :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Photoshopping Confo and Friday NIght Fun

Had so much fun with my co-working gal pals at the 
Kelby Photography/Photoshop Conference 
 in Tampa today!

Oh my...

You know when I was in design school we had a couple classes on Photoshop.
And I've used it quite extensively since...

But I didn't realize how many tools and functions that I was missing out on
-the capabilities of this software is truly amazing.

Makes photography/image editing so much easier when you actually know how to use the 
software as it is fully intended.

We also got to eat these ginormo BLT Turkey Brie Bistro sandwiches at lunch.

Food always takes an event to the next level.

There you have it. 

A day well spent :) We even beat rush hour traffic!

I'm so excited for the weekend. I'm in desperate need of a haircut. Top of my priority list.
Sleeping in is another :)

My grandparents' double birthday bash is scheduled for St. Patty's Day. Can't wait for that!

How bout you? Any fun or interesting plans? 

All that is left to be said is:

Some people hang out at hopping clubs on a Friday night.
Other go out for a night on the town...
Maybe see a show or hear a band play.
Or go on a hot date or something.

Then there are some who decide to spend it quietly at home.
Sitting in front of their computer,
with a heaping bowl of Cold Stone Ice Cream 
 watching netflix movies.

Sometimes that's just as much fun :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Tutor's Daughter and a Day for Naps

Happy National Napping Day!!

Bet you didn't know that was a real "holiday"... it totally is, and was today!!

I think I intuitively knew that it was because I was EXHAUSTED the WHOLE day.

A couple times I may have slumped over unconscious at my desk. Course that could have been because I had turned into a frozen popsicle. I may have mentioned, but my office is Fra-eezing like all the time.

It might also have a little something to do with Daylight Savings.

Also because I stayed up till 4 A.M on Sunday morning because I was reading this lovely book pictured above. I don't seem to recover from almost all-nighters very quickly anymore... ;)

My sister gave me The Tutor's Daughter by Julie Klassen at Christmas and I just now had the chance to read it.

It's 400 pages.

And I read this book in 11.5 hours!

I couldn't put it down!

 That's how good it was.

I don't read a lot of christian fiction anymore because after growing up on a steady diet of it, a great deal of Christian historical fiction just seems formulaic and re-hashed. And I'm bored like after five minutes.

Like how many UMPTEENTH times can I read about how some hoity-toity chick goes out West looking for "a new life" and just so happens to meet a hunky, drop dead gorgeous blacksmith or rancher. Who happens to be a widower and has a kid. And proposes to her like after they just meet and then she has to learn how to bake corn bread morning, noon and night whilst learning how to ride a horse backwards or something, much to the admiration of all?

This book kept me turning pages. There were lots of "secrets" and mysterious goings ons in a big huge mansion on a cliff...set during the Regency era. And stuff I didn't see coming until the end.

Klassen is superb at weaving an intricate, interesting story while tying in a great love story as well. I think this is her best to date.

Lady of Milkweed Manor was her first novel and the first one I read by her and I knew from that book on I was sold on her mad genius story-telling skills and have bought every book since.

I highly recommend this one.

No, this isn't really a book review. I don't do those very well.  This is just a highly exhuberant post from a sleep deprived girl sharing one thing she enjoyed this past weekend.

I must really be tired because now I'm resorting to talking about myself in the third person.

I'll stop now.

IF you want to read an actual synopsis about this book click the book title above! Amazon does it so much better than me.

Have you read it? or any other good fiction you would recommend to us, dear friends?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mundane Life Vs. Epic Life

I used to think that if I did something important, 
really "Mother Theresa" important...

than God would consider my life more valuably spent 
than if I worked like a mundane 9-5 job or like you know, 
sold ice cream cones on a boardwalk along the beach somewhere.

Because surely, surely God looks upon the Amy Carmichaels, and George Whitfields, and Apostle Pauls, and Billy Grahams
and He must think that what they've done with their lives
is the ultimate, well done.

Do you know, I don't know about you,
but that is something that I've struggled with 
most of my adult life...

Feeling like I was being dogged by the "Wise-living" police.
There at every turn and corner.
Constantly on the alert to bring a heaping, boat-load of condemnation down upon my head every time
I looked back at my week and saw, well...

nothing very spectacular...

and lot's of it.

Sleeping takes up about a third of our week...

Driving to and from work.

Staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day or walking back and forth down a hospital hallway 
in the wee hours of the night answering call bells.

To the grocery store and back.

Cooking...or better yet:
off to the Thai Palace...for some Pad woon sen

Volunteering my time at a church outreach.

You know what the truth is?

The truth is God doesn't measure a successful life by 
the amount of "good" one accomplishes.  

He doesn't show any favoritism with his kids.
(Romans 2:11)

One life is not more valuable than the next.

He sees us all as dearly loved, children.
As friends.

Already accepted. Already pleased.

His feelings for me dont swing like a pendulum.

They always remain CONSTANT.
Has HE specifically created us to do certain things?
Sure, I for one think so.

Whatever that may be based on our talents and God-given desires.
And just being open to where He leads...

But we have to want to be open to that. If we choose something different.
 Not bad or "sinfully" different, just different...

Then I think He's okay with that, he's not going to twist our arm.

He doesn't burn with anger over our choice to choose something else.

He still wants the best for us, even then!

No two lives should ever be compared. We are all different for good reasons!
There is no pressure.

Above all else, I believe He most wants to just spend time with us.

Ultimately, that is it. Relationship.
I think this is the foundational revelation and thinking for us to grasp.

I may desire to serve him on the Mission field, but
I have to approach it with the right motives and right heart.

For my own good and peace of heart.

If I choose to stay or go, He will be equally proud of me.

Being content to just be with Him and
not despise the seeming "mundane" is a huge triumph in my opinion.

God uses it to teach us some pretty epically amazing things in these times of

And we are drawn ever closer.

Before Jesus ever did any ministry on earth-God said:

"This is My Son

whom I love
with him I am  
well pleased."

Happy Weekend folks :)

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