Friday, February 22, 2013

The Bletchley Circle

This week's Costume Drama Spotlight:
is on the
Critically acclaimed ITV drama:

The Bletchley Circle
airing on PBS stations near you this Spring, 2013
A brief synopsis;
"This three-part 1950's murder mystery follows the lives of Millie, Lucy and Jean, ordinary women with extraordinary ability to break codes, a skill honed during World War II when they worked undercover at Bletchley Park, site of the United Kingdom’s main decryption establishment. Now, in 1952, the four have returned to civilian life, keeping their intelligence work secret from all, including family and friends.

A series of ghastly murders targeting women, however, reunites the team as they set out to decode the pattern behind the crimes."

This mystery aired last year in UK and I only just found out about it last weekend after spying it on youtube. My sister and I had to watch it of course--not believing that we would ever get this show here in the states...but lo and behold!--

It will be airing on PBS this spring! whoot whoot.

I really, really enjoyed this was a bit of a thriller too...and definitely creepy in parts...but very good and I loved how there were four strong female leads.

In an era that left them (after WWII) kind of in limbo when it came to their careers... They had such important jobs during the war and when it was over, society expected them to go back to being homemakers despite the skills and training they received. I would imagine-a very hard transition in many ways...

So this was a very interesting glimpse into what life might have been like for such women...and how they use their mad crazy skills to

Anyways, keep an eye out for this one. And let us know what you thought if you did see it.

(disclaimer: some risque photos shown in movie)

Happy Viewing!


  1. I will have to keep an eye out for this!

  2. LOVED this one, Jeanine! Glad you did also.

    Now... if they'd only make a series two! :)

  3. I've been curious about this since I first saw something about it a few weeks ago. Glad you enjoyed it! Methinks I will too. Thanks for reminding me to keep a look out for it. :)

  4. This looks like just my kind of show and I never even knew it was on! Just goes to show what I can miss out on because I don't have a TV. If I had known about this I would have watched it on iPlayer or whichever channel's equivalent it was on. I'll have to see if I can get hold of it somehow!

  5. @ KatySue: Yes, you must do, girly!

    @Rissi: I totally agree---I wish they were going to make a series two, too. I feel like I wanted much more by the end of it and wondered how the rest of their lives went on :)

    @Kara: No problem, I am not sure how I missed this for so long, but it was worth the watch for sure :)

    @Firefairy: I know, I don't have TV either but with the internet, there's always so much beckoning to me to watch haha...this played on ITV but *wink, wink* I watched the whole thing on youtube--shhhhh :) It is probably still available there.

    1. Fortunately, there is to be a series two of this. YAY! Exciting stuff. :)

    2. Oh I didn't know they had a new one in the works...I was hoping! Thanks for sharing Rissi!! :)So happy to see you :) Thanks for stopping by!


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