Sunday, January 20, 2013

What Inspires You to Write (a novel)

Here ye, here ye.

I'm putting myself on notice.

You can all be my witnesses.

Thanks to the encouragement of my dear, sweet aunt and sister,

I am endeavoring to write and finish one novel this year.

It is very important-so I've been told-to lay down clear, concise goals.

So here it is.

I enjoy the entire writing process: the research, learning about the writing craft, exploring character profiles, plotting ideas, outlining, getting lost in an imaginary world and writing, writing, writing!

It's completely enthralling.

So I've decided to give myself a clear goal: one year.

On your mark, get set....Go for it!


It will be a historical fiction-mystery-romance novel.

I have 5000 words so far and counting...

I know a lot of you are also writers and if you have any advice I hope you will share!!!

I'd also love to hear if you are currently working on anything? and  

What inspires you to write? - Doesn't have to be just a novel. Could also be what inspires you to forge on with writing the ole' bloggy. 

Why do it?????

Do share!! :)

For me writing is an amazing, creative outlet that allows me to build ideas and lay down thoughts that otherwise I have a horribly hard time forming into a string of verbally coherent words --out loud.

It lets me  construct other worlds that hopefully will tell a story that can convey the richness and adventure that it is to live as humans in this life.

Also, I figure, since Jesus took every opportunity to impart mind-blowing, inspirational lessons through the use of a good story- wherever he journeyed (hellooo-parables???)...

Then I think that writing a story can be a very useful and worthwhile endevour for me to invest some good amount of time in :) :) :)

4 Books on Writing that I have found to be very informative and aiding me in the writing process:
(pictured above)

Your First Novel by Ann Rittenberg (top literary agent) and Laura Whitcomb (published author) is very insightful, laying the foundation for how to get the ideas flowing on paper, structuring your story and characters, insider information on what literary agents and publishers are looking for to get yourself published etc... 

Writing Fiction for Dummies by Randy Ingermanson and Peter Economy. This book is a FANTASTIC reference; it is a step by step guide through the whole writing process from beginning to end, for the newbie writer as well as more advanced. Tons of useful tips, help with setting goals and determining what kind of writer you are so as to help you better flow with a writing strategy that works best for you and so much more. I would highly recommend this one to the serious writer.

Don't Murder Your Mystery by Chris Roerden is another great reference. Even if you are not writing a mystery it has great tips on how to survive both an agent's and a publisher's screening process. Very helpful.

The First Five Pages: A Writer's Guide To Staying Out of the Rejection Pile by Noah Lukeman. The title says it all...the first five pages are pretty much the most important part for an agent and/or editor/publisher to read through to determine the caliber of your story and if it is worth their time to go any further or else chuck it in the rejection pile. So, so good. Get this one!

Do you have any great references when it comes to writing?

Also I have plenty of books that i look to for inspiration as far as other authors...but that is another post :)

Happy a happy rest of the weekend folks!!  



  1. I would absolutely read your novel when its done. :) Hey you should e-mail me ... I love to edit and stuff! I still have my Strunk & White :)

  2. @Liz: Oh boy you're awesome Liz, I will email you too! haha enjoy this??? haha That's awesome I will hunt down your email and keep you in mind then :)

  3. What an awesome goal!
    Come say hi!

  4. That is so cool! I have regretfully put aside writing since Highschool. Maybe some day I will pick it up again and write a book! You must let us know when you are published and such! Will you be submitting to Amazon's kindle books do you think?

  5. @Regine: Thanks Regine, I'm committed! :))

    @Katherine: Ohh yes, I think you should pick it up again. It's quite an amazing thing to get lost in-- and very time consuming. I will definitely keep you posted tho :) I am going to look into submitting it to Amazon as well...My goal is to get it worthy enough to submit it to a whole slew of publishing houses and agents --I know that is super ambitious--but why not aim high?? Anything is possible :)

    Thanks for your encouragement Katherine :)


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