Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Newness and a few Resolutions

by Jennifer DeDonato
I wish you all a super FAB New Years, my friends!
Thank you to all who have shared a bit of themselves on this here bloggy in 2012.
You all make writing and blogging so much fun; 
I always look forward to everything you take the time to share.

Our journeys may not mingle together in "real time" all that often, or ever...
But I keep hope and hope that someday our paths will actually cross.

For those whom I have, you are brilliant and make my life richer.

I am so excited for new things this year.

For YOU and for Me both.

Possibilites: simply endless.

I have quite a few goals or "resolutions."

While I wont share them all-less is much more, right?? :)

I will project a few of them into the great cosmic, world-wide web-o-sphere
so as to give me extra incentive to stick with them.

I am resolved.

To smile and laugh more
One, because it's much more fun to laugh then frown, and two because you burn way more calories.

To live more outwardly focused. Less me. 
More focused on what is really important and valuable and directed at those around me.

To explore further and delve beyond the current reaches of my creative brain's imagination.

To exercise my creative outlets a whole heck of a lot more.
And in bigger, more unconventional, and not yet imagined, artistic expressions;
for there is no artistic limit when one's Father is the Creator of the Universe, right??

Harry Mellos
I am determined. 

I shall finish writing a Novel by the end of this year.

I shall return to my post college weight. (whoot whoot for at least one prosaic goal)

I shall drink in the beauty of nature that is all around me as often as I possibly can; 
putting into practice a life of thankfulness

Enjoy my family and spending time with them at every opportunity, as often as I can--
for one never know when Mr. Change will come knocking at one's door and 
decide to place miles and miles in between you and those you love.

Design a whole BUNCH.

Increase my vocabulary and read more!

Blog MORE :)

and most importantly,

Grow in the knowledge of the brilliant, scandalous and undeserved Grace that our Lord
joyfully and unreservedly bestows upon us.
knowing that there is nothing I can ever do, or not do, that will make
 God love me more than He does right now. 

What are some of your resolutions??

Here's to You AND the New!

*photos courtesy of pinterest


  1. I decided I wasn't making a NY resolution this year ... I was making a 'life resolution' :) To know Christ and make Him known. We'll see how it goes!

    1. I love your "life resolution" Liz!!! It's brilliant :) Happy New Year!!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Jeanine! Hope 2013 is fabulous for you. :)

    1. Thank you Rissi! I wish you the best year ahead EVER! Godbless!! :)

  3. What wonderful and inspiring resolutions. I, too, have decided not to make resolutions, for all the years that I didn't keep them. Getting on in years, things appear quite differently and so much is not important and OH SO much IS!!! In these times I find it quite necessary to allow God's spirit to flow out of me to touch those who cross my path and to let His perfect LOVE touch their hearts.
    Thank you for shedding light on things of importance, Neen. More outward and less inward...I love it!
    And thanks for sharing YOU in your loverly blogs. You are a blessing.

    1. I love what you wrote: "to allow God's spirit to flow out of me to touch those who cross my path and to let His perfect LOVE touch their hearts." that is perfect. I so wish to be that kind of vessel--but I am finally now coming to the point where I believe it simply takes the desire to be it and realize I am it and he is flowing out of me all the time, even when I least expect it. :) Thanks for sharing Nonnie, as always I treasure your thoughts and responses :)xxoo


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