Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Vacuum Monster and Road Trips!

Can I live here, please?
I had a wonderful, vacation day today. Quite niceeee.

I accomplished so many tasks that I have been putting off.  

For like years. 

Like cleaning out my car.

What a dismal way to spend an hour or two of my time.

But it had to be done, and I made a mostly thorough job of it.

Sand that has been in there from probably my first move from Florida five years ago, was evicted.

And you thought I was like this neat freak, didn't you?

Yeah, not when it comes to my old clunker of a car. Or my closet. Ssshhh.

I unearthed 9 pens. 3 markers. One brown colored pencil. And a file folder.
I had a bunch of old scrubs in my trunk that I finally tossed.

Why would I keep them you ask?

Because one never known when a situation might arise where you need to don a pair of old, holey scrubs and you could be like anywhere, which is why it's a clever idea to keep some stashed in your trunk, at all times.

And then, after I did a slightly, pitiful job of washing the outside of my car with no soap and a lame water hose with no handle-grippy thing that my apt complex provided, it was now...

Vacuum time!

I plunged two quarters into the silver, cylindrical, beastly, vacuuming machine and grabbed the hose which was like the diameter of my thigh.

Does anybody else ever break out into sweats the first few seconds of wielding that thing-specifically made for vehicles?

Afraid you might like accidentally suction your fingers and left ear off?

Yahh, me too.

I sucked up everything in range. Bandaid packagings, bobby pins, pennies, crumpled up flash cards and other useless debris.

I mean, that is why the hose is so big, right? I can suck up pretty much anything I like, below the size of a large, frying pan and still be good.

So that was fun. And I did windex all my windows.

So sparkly now. I can actually see out now.

heh heh heh and you thought I was swerving because I need glasses, sillies. Not anymore!

So now I am ready for ROAD TRIP to Miami/Ft Lauderdale for the weekend. Leaving tomorrow morning with my sis and bro. Good times to be had for all :)

And if ANYBODY, gets ANYTHING, messed up OR spilled inside my clean car -- they're walking Alligator Alley all the way home!

Miami 1905 vintage photo

See ya on the flip flop!


  1. I must say, I've never been accused of being a neat freak ... ESPECIALLY not with regard to my car :D I still drive my college beater thats nearly as old as I am. And it is a bit pathetic. Good on you for tackling yours!

  2. @Liz: haha yes!! three cheers for old, dusty beaters! haha I'm glad I'm not the only one :) It just seems a lot of effort that I'd just as soon as spend on something not so old, ya know? Oh well, not pathetic in the least, think how much money we've saved with no or next to know payments! Whoop, whoop! :)

  3. Have fun on your road trip with your siblings! Siblings are the best people to go on road trips with! :)

  4. @Christina: Yes, they are, right?? haha And you have way more sibs than me, so it's like exponentially more energy and peoples and preferences for music...whew...good times :)) Hope you are enjoying the Holiday season girly! Stay bundled up, up there!

  5. I hoped that you had a fabulous holiday weekend with your siblings.

    I seriously need to clean out my car but I don't feel too badly. I know people who are too embarrassed to have you ride in their car with them. I had better clean mine out before I get to that point. :-)

    I LOVE your winter banner picture!!!

  6. @Collarcity: Aw thanks!!! And my weekend was super fab, thanks girly!! Very relaxing :) Good luck on the Car cleaning...I can think of so many better ways to fill my time, but I suppose to save oneself from the embarrassment if you ever have riders who find themselves knee deep in junk, well it's a good thing to do I guess haha

  7. Love reading your blogs whilst having my morning brew. Your new winter header is smashing and I love your description and adventure with the vacuum beast. Thanks for sharing your adventures...(yes, car cleaning is an adventure as you've shown that one never knows what one finds)


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