Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box new movie photos!

Hello my friendlies,

I have for you some newly released photos and Official Movie poster 
for this upcoming, much anticipated movie.

Looks pretty epic.

Two of my favorite male actors - Ioan Gruffudd and Michael Sheen look like they 
will be fantastic in this. Also love that Sam Neill!

Triple yay!

I'm sure Aneurin Barnard who plays the male lead character will be brilliant, and
after this movie, every girl under the age of, well 
we'll go with any woman breathing and with a pulse,
will be in love with him, probably.

And every boy will want to be him no doubt.

Based on the wildly popular series by G.P. Taylor -author of these other titles, as well:
 Shadowmancer, Wormwood, Tersias, The Curse of Salamander Street and The Tizzle Sisters. 

Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box 
coming out in Spring of 2013
(a sequel is already in the works)

Brief synopsis:
"Teenage boy, Mariah Mundi, has his world torn apart by the disappearance of his parents, then the kidnapping of younger brother by unknown assailants. Aided by adventurer Captain Charity, he sets off in pursuit, arriving at the Prince Regent, a hotel hiding a fantastical underworld."

Coming soon...


  1. Nice to see my book come to life. GP Taylor

  2. Wow, so if in fact the "real" GP Taylor just commented on my blog, I'm pretty floored! You are an amazingly talented writer, sir, and I can't wait to see your books in the series come to life on the big screen, too!!! :) Very inspiring!!

  3. WOW! Never heard of this one but... Ioan plus Keeley!? This has to be good right!? I mean, the movie has no other choice! :)

  4. @Rissi: Yes, right??!! I think they picked a great cast! Wish it was coming out now though instead of months away :( Oh well, gives me time to finish reading books :)

  5. Please include me when you go to see this one. It looks marvy!

  6. Absolutely Nonnie! Consider it a date! :)))


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