Sunday, October 28, 2012

wanderWowl Shop Open!

It's official:
is up and running!
wHoot, wHoot! :)

"Stumble upon brilliance, 
discover whimsy & inspiration, 
and unearth a little of the fantastical today."
wanderWowl is excited to offer you 

original Poster Design, Fine Art, Tees (coming soon) and more!


I'm excited to say that:

10% of every item you purchase goes to support Overland Missions, a brilliant organization and group of people helping to bring the Gospel of Jesus, Poverty Alleviation and Humanitarian Care to the most remote places on Earth.

These guys and gals are hardcore missionaries serving God with all they've got
mostly throughout parts of Africa!! Check out their site to read some of their blogs.

wanderWowl is a shop that my father and I have collaborated together on. Him being
the fabulous genius painter that he is and of course,
 I couldn't be more happy to be working with him.

We are in the process of linking up with other artists as well 
who will display their posterized art
for sale under wanderWowl's umbrella.

Very excited about all the talent that is out there.

SO if you or someone you know is an artist and would like see about requirements
for submitting artwork and linking up with us as well, shoot me an email:

If your artwork coincides with our vision for wanderWowl, we will print and market said brilliant items for you and send you earnings monthly.

We don't have all the artwork up yet, but here's a start though.

I'd be honored if you'd check it out and give me any thoughts and feedback you can!

--Likes, dislikes, concepts for design you'd like to see etc...

Also I am in the process of getting bigger sized posters for sale up there as well.

Thanks guys!!

This week finally: Blog Giveaway! Stay tuned :)


  1. Congratulations! Everything looks so lovely... but my favorite is the absolutely ah-mazing pop art with the inimitable Pimpernel:) Gorgeous!


  2. Congatulations on your Etsy store. It is lovely! I wish you and your Pops much success. I am working on purchasing a beautiful former Catholic church that closed in 2010. I plan to turn it into a spiritual center offering workshops and retreats. Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.

  3. CONGRATS! Best of luck, Jeanine! :)

  4. @Kellie: Thank you so much Kellie! I appreciate your feedback so much and I'm so HAPPY you like my tribute to Sir Percy :) Couldn't NOT include him heehee

    @collarcity: Your words of encouragement are very much appreciated girly. Your plans are quite impressive, I wish you the best of luck and smooth sailing as God wills for this endeavor, keep us posted!

    @Rissi: thank you so much girl, You're awesome!!


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