Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tunnel Diggers and Bathroom Musings

I live in a lovely end unit apartment.

It's got the loveliest of views, overlooking a beautiful lake.

Lots of ducks and geckos and lovely neighbors--who sound like they are trying to tunnel their way through my bathroom wall at all hours of day and night.

There I find myself (more than just a couple times, mind you) in my lovely little bathroom--I have it decorated in sunny yellow and shades of blue, very happy colors--I wont go into detail about what I was doing in there because I'm pretty sure that's TMI, when...

Clink, clink, clink.

What the???

Clink, clink, clink.

By golly, sounds like somebody next door is tap dancing on the wall we both share.

Hey now, I've seen Step Up, I know what breakdancing artisans are capable of...

But  hmmm not likely.

Clink, clink, clink.

It keeps persisting!

I've heard noises that pipes can make. This clearly is more distinct.

It sounds like metal tapping against metal. In a distinct pattern.

The sound a chisel would make, steadily boring through my wall.

I've never actually seen my next door neighbor--that I know of.

Shaggy, unkempt gremlin with a mad propensity to drive me insane while I'm just trying to take care of business?

Oh, oh, how about miniature people? Can anybody say, The Borrowers???

I thought it might be an SOS of sorts.

Clink, clink, clink. S --- O --- S ??

Does anyone know what an SOS would sound like in Morse-chisel-code?

Captive hostages next door?-that thought crossed my mind.

Or psycho, ex-professional tunnel digger? Did you know that this is a real profession?- not the psycho part.

Hey does one really ever know for sure, when one lives in an apartment complex?

There are just certain places that unsettling noises seem all the more puzzling and quite frankly sinister, One, when you are in your apartment alone with God knows who as your neighbor and Two, when you are in your bathroom.

It's very disturbing to be disturbed in one's bathroom of all places.

Okay, yes I know I'm rambling incoherently here.

It's 2 in the morning and I can't sleep after drinking two cups of caffeinated coffee this evening, can you really blame me?

Moral of this story?

Yeah there really isn't one other than I should probably call our maintenance men if the noise persists or something...

That would be the age appropriate thing to do.

It's so much more fun to hypothesize though...

The End.


  1. Let's hope it's borrowers :) I would love to have them in my house. Maybe the neighbor wanted you to chime in: dueling pipes??

  2. Oh yes I LOVE the Borrowers :) Wouldn't that be brilliant if they were real and lived beneath the floorboards or behind certain wall or two in our houses??? So sweet :))haha I like the old BBC Borrowers from the early 90's I think. Such a good version. I think I let Connor watch the videos I had when he was younger :)


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