Sunday, October 14, 2012

Book Crazies

What a week! Teeming with activity from morning till night.

At work this week I was in front of these printer lovelies (pictured above) for a great portion of every day.

This beast decided to jam up after every 20 or 30 prints and then haphazardly spew it all out at me.


I had to print upwards of 6,000 items this week!!!! So really. Not.Fun.

I do get to design a lot of cool stuff but the printing part of it, yeahhhh not so much fun :)

Joe and I, the night of the Phil Wickam and Royal Royal concert. My sister and I coerced him to help us :)
Spending every evening this week manning product and book tables at an international church conference -held in a fabulous open air tent- was a decidedly fantastic use of my already cluttered time and I didn't mind the break to my routine one bit.

My sister and I both signed up to help and enjoyed the opportunity to work with a lot of other peoples we had never met before, and some whom we already knew as well, which was fun.

Lots of exchanged numbers and plans to get together afterwards.

Heard fantastic messages from Bill Johnson, Patricia King and Roberts Liardon, to name a few of the speakers. Great worship music every night which was a blessing.
I will say I didn't realize manning a product table could be so crazy.

Helloooo?? Lines people. Have you heard of a line??

Just because we are in the great outdoors doesn't cancel rules of proper buying and selling and orderly conduct.

I soon found out that the rules of orderly purchasing get thrown out the window when one is at a tent-conference and there is a mass of people all descending at the same time to buy stuff.

Who knew???

At one point, people were literally throwing ten dollar bills my way.

Dear overly exuberant conference goers,
I'm short and cannot see the price or title of the book you are waving erratically over my head.

Slow down. Deep breath. If we happen to run out of these books, there is a little thing called the INTER-NET, where you can get most anything.


It was great though, all in all,  I enjoyed every moment of the sweltering heat, witnessing said hectic mayhem, intense services and times of receiving great blessing and encouragement.

God never ceases to amaze me and the more that I learn about him and the layers that seem to endlessly be available for us to peel back and learn even more, is so phenomenal.

And oh so intriguing :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead. And be blessed, friends in the knowledge that you are eternally and overwhelmingly loved by a great big, loving Father!

Thanks for stopping by today!!!


  1. Lovely post!!! I love when you write like this :) Thanks for sharing your week <3
    love you muchly!

  2. At least you do have a beautiful view while you are using the copy machines. At my workplace the company leases some really high powered copy machines that do a great job without breaking down so much.

    I don't care for the 8 hour 5 days a week work schedule either and never day. You end up spending more time away from your home and family and that is just not a balanced life. Many people work more than 8 hours a day. Many people today do work from home but most do not. To me the work day should end at 3:00pm. Or have 3 day weekends if you expect people to work 8 hour days. There are some companies who only give employees 30 minutes for lunch. Now that is just darned despicable the way I see things.

    The conference looks like it was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.

  3. :D I stand in front of a copier/scanner for most of my work day too, and mine is just horrid. It always works when the manager walks in though so I can't convince them that it needs to go. :)

    BTW, I awarded you.:)

  4. @Nonnie: Thanks Nonnie!!!! I always love reading your comments and it's nice to know someone enjoys reading my random ramblings :) Love you muchly back!!!!

    @Collarcity: Hi girly! It is a lovely view, I cannot deny it. It's bright and cheerful and I just love all the greenery. Working from home must be wonderful but I can say, it's a lot of work I'm sure -as someone who is trying to operate a small business from home, I can be really hard to stay on focus some of the time. But I think I could overcome that quickly!! haha I think we would all be more productive in our workdays if we followed some of your advice :) Thanks for stopping by!!!

    @Amanda: haha I'm sorry you share my "pain". Bummer!! Isn't that the way of it, everytime I call the techs in to fix it, they're like hmm... it seems to be working now. I swear, those machines hate me. Oh and thank you for the award!!!! I'm so honored! I will try to compose a response soon on here! I love those!!!!

  5. There is a tag waiting for you over at my blog if you're interested! =)


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