Monday, October 8, 2012

BBC's The Paradise

 And now, for a little...
Costume Drama Spotlight

The Paradise
Based on a classic French novel The Ladies Paradise by Emile Zola, this new eight-part BBC drama takes place in a splendidly posh department store in England in the late 1800's.

It will focus on the lives and relationships of all the staff, giving us nosy 21st Century'ers a
hopefully insightful and accurate although probably highly romanticized glimpse into these
working class ladies and gents.

It follows, in particular, a young country girl's arrival and subsequent adventures working at the country's first department store and her interactions with staff, customers and the somewhat mysterious, handsome owner.

BBC promises "love affairs, class issues and plenty of gorgeous clothes." 

To which I say, HUZZAH!

This is currently airing in the UK this month and in the US hopefully
beginning of the new year.

Let me know your thoughts on this one and if it's a keeper!

Happy Viewing!


  1. I feel as though I am forever waiting for BBC shows to arrive in the US! First Downton, and now this lovely looking show. If only I could take a holiday to the UK!

  2. Sounds/looks interesting. Love when the BBC gives us something unique! Oh! And look - it's Laura from 'Lark Rise.'

  3. @Amanda: I know what you mean! Wish they would air them all together. However, I think your idea of a perfect excuse to take holiday there sounds wonderful. My bags are packed!! :)Thanks for stopping by Amanda!

    @Rissi: Yes, I am glad they are starting to pull from other sources for costume dramas instead of the usua-austen and dickens-not that I don't love them and wouldn't drop everything to see a new remake of a fav, but yeah, good new stuff is a huge plus. IT is Laura!! Haven't seen her in anything since LarkRise so it will be fun to see how she is in a new one. :))

    1. Definitely, Jeanine! I CANNOT wait to see this in the U.S. the more I read. I like that BBC is starting to order some unique stuff and yup, I love that also.

      Please BBC/ITV bring this to the states!!!

  4. This show is splendid!!!. Love all the characters and they are so real to life. I am completely addicted and cant wait for the next episode.

  5. @Fubaohealth: Thanks for stopping by! I see your website address shows you in the US, how are you able to watch this show? Do tell?

    1. I second finding out your secret BubaoHealth. Please???

    2. Oh ohhh I found out!!!! Will share asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I'm also secretly watching!! It's incredible, absolutely love it, found this blog looking for other fans! Just got done balling after the most recent episode. Soooooo good!!!

  7. Oh Im so happy you found me, I'm a huge fan of the show so far too!!! I have ep 7 in my "queue" waiting for me to see it tomorrow... Can't imagine how it's going to end...I know they ordered a second season of it, which is good but I hope it means they are not going to prolong overly certain story keep in touch as you watch! :) Thanks for commenting girly!!


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