Sunday, October 28, 2012

wanderWowl Shop Open!

It's official:
is up and running!
wHoot, wHoot! :)

"Stumble upon brilliance, 
discover whimsy & inspiration, 
and unearth a little of the fantastical today."
wanderWowl is excited to offer you 

original Poster Design, Fine Art, Tees (coming soon) and more!


I'm excited to say that:

10% of every item you purchase goes to support Overland Missions, a brilliant organization and group of people helping to bring the Gospel of Jesus, Poverty Alleviation and Humanitarian Care to the most remote places on Earth.

These guys and gals are hardcore missionaries serving God with all they've got
mostly throughout parts of Africa!! Check out their site to read some of their blogs.

wanderWowl is a shop that my father and I have collaborated together on. Him being
the fabulous genius painter that he is and of course,
 I couldn't be more happy to be working with him.

We are in the process of linking up with other artists as well 
who will display their posterized art
for sale under wanderWowl's umbrella.

Very excited about all the talent that is out there.

SO if you or someone you know is an artist and would like see about requirements
for submitting artwork and linking up with us as well, shoot me an email:

If your artwork coincides with our vision for wanderWowl, we will print and market said brilliant items for you and send you earnings monthly.

We don't have all the artwork up yet, but here's a start though.

I'd be honored if you'd check it out and give me any thoughts and feedback you can!

--Likes, dislikes, concepts for design you'd like to see etc...

Also I am in the process of getting bigger sized posters for sale up there as well.

Thanks guys!!

This week finally: Blog Giveaway! Stay tuned :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You're So Much More Than A Face in a Crowd

 "God is a God of movement.
Constantly Arriving...
Ever embracing.

God exists in Movement.
He proceeds in a wave of Mercy.
 And you, you were made for movement.
To participate in the Movement of God.
You're so much more than a face in a crowd..."

I love this.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

How To Watch BBC and ITV Shows in the USA

photo by graciela
It's time for me to spill the beans, my friends.

I'm so excited!!!!!
So if you are like me, you've got to be tired of having to wait months and months, 
if not, forever, to get awesome UK shows our way in the USA.

I'm just not happy with settling for those really poor quality bootlegged versions
and/or the sites that "claim" they have the show you want to watch, make you pay exorbitant monthly prices to "subscribe" first and then you find out they tricked you and don't even have the show you are looking for!

--err not that I've ever resorted to this in my costume drama viewing obsession.

Anyhoo, not anymore...!

Ladies and Gents, let me introduce you to:

the Tunnel Bear.

It's simple and fast.

• Tunnel Bear is a service that allows you to “experience the internet as if you were living in a different country" while keeping your computer address secure and anonymous ("any online source that may try to check the origin of your internet connection will see Tunnel Bear’s server details instead of your own). 

• For my UK friends it also allows you to gain access to US content and UK content if you are abroad.

• Tunnel Bear claims it's legal, which is awesome...and you can look further into that if you doubt it. Here's a very informative review of it from Macworld.

Here's How To:

1. Go to

2. Click "download;" 
- the initial download is free and comes with 500mb of free data/per month.
Feel free to test it out. It's free. But if you are going to be watching streaming videos you will use up that 500mb after about 40 minutes of viewing time.

After watching almost one full episode of BBC's The Paradise, I was hooked, and chose to upgrade for $4.99/month you can have unlimited viewing.

Yes. Please.

3. Once you've downloaded Tunnel Bear you'll see this really cool brown retro looking radio pop up on your desktop. Click "on" and click "UK" on the radio nobs.

4. WALLAH! it's as easy as that. You're hooked in and ready to go.

I would give it a minute or two to "load" --see those white streaming bars...yeah, just let them fill the blue screen a bit. Be patient! And then you are good to go.

You can log on to BBC's iPlayer after you've done this and choose a show to watch

If you see the above message on your screen, than you have either not turned your Tunnel Bear switch to the UK setting or you have not let it load up like shown in the picture above.

Just wait another minute or two and then retry:

It should look like this: See, no message and ready to play!!

  You can go to ITV's player online and catch some good stuff as well.

Tunnel Bear is so easy and such a gem, I can't believe I never heard of it before now!

I'm still leaping for joy!

Please do tell if this was informative and/or if you have any questions.

I tried to make it easy to understand.

Just beware:
upon downloading said application,
and clicking "play" on a fav new show, previously unavailable to you,
you may be overcome with feelings of extreme elation
and overall general feeling of exclaiming, "Mwah haahahaa."

;)Happy Viewing

Thursday, October 18, 2012

BBC/ITV viewing here I come!

BBC's The Paradise is quite lovely so far!!! I'm completely hooked!!! :)

Do I have a fantabulous little secret to share with you my American and UK
Costume Drama loving friends...

If you, or someone you know, has ever found themselves exasperated beyond all means
because you have to wait for long and way too many dreary months till your favorite
UK or US show comes available to your television/computer screens then this news is for you!

I stumbled upon a brilliant and "legal" way to access them.

Whoot, whoot!

I don't have time to share tonight, but stay tuned and I'll share this weekend!

 I made a lovely photo collage above to leave you in breathless anticipation.

Have a Happy Friday!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Book Crazies

What a week! Teeming with activity from morning till night.

At work this week I was in front of these printer lovelies (pictured above) for a great portion of every day.

This beast decided to jam up after every 20 or 30 prints and then haphazardly spew it all out at me.


I had to print upwards of 6,000 items this week!!!! So really. Not.Fun.

I do get to design a lot of cool stuff but the printing part of it, yeahhhh not so much fun :)

Joe and I, the night of the Phil Wickam and Royal Royal concert. My sister and I coerced him to help us :)
Spending every evening this week manning product and book tables at an international church conference -held in a fabulous open air tent- was a decidedly fantastic use of my already cluttered time and I didn't mind the break to my routine one bit.

My sister and I both signed up to help and enjoyed the opportunity to work with a lot of other peoples we had never met before, and some whom we already knew as well, which was fun.

Lots of exchanged numbers and plans to get together afterwards.

Heard fantastic messages from Bill Johnson, Patricia King and Roberts Liardon, to name a few of the speakers. Great worship music every night which was a blessing.
I will say I didn't realize manning a product table could be so crazy.

Helloooo?? Lines people. Have you heard of a line??

Just because we are in the great outdoors doesn't cancel rules of proper buying and selling and orderly conduct.

I soon found out that the rules of orderly purchasing get thrown out the window when one is at a tent-conference and there is a mass of people all descending at the same time to buy stuff.

Who knew???

At one point, people were literally throwing ten dollar bills my way.

Dear overly exuberant conference goers,
I'm short and cannot see the price or title of the book you are waving erratically over my head.

Slow down. Deep breath. If we happen to run out of these books, there is a little thing called the INTER-NET, where you can get most anything.


It was great though, all in all,  I enjoyed every moment of the sweltering heat, witnessing said hectic mayhem, intense services and times of receiving great blessing and encouragement.

God never ceases to amaze me and the more that I learn about him and the layers that seem to endlessly be available for us to peel back and learn even more, is so phenomenal.

And oh so intriguing :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead. And be blessed, friends in the knowledge that you are eternally and overwhelmingly loved by a great big, loving Father!

Thanks for stopping by today!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

BBC's The Paradise

 And now, for a little...
Costume Drama Spotlight

The Paradise
Based on a classic French novel The Ladies Paradise by Emile Zola, this new eight-part BBC drama takes place in a splendidly posh department store in England in the late 1800's.

It will focus on the lives and relationships of all the staff, giving us nosy 21st Century'ers a
hopefully insightful and accurate although probably highly romanticized glimpse into these
working class ladies and gents.

It follows, in particular, a young country girl's arrival and subsequent adventures working at the country's first department store and her interactions with staff, customers and the somewhat mysterious, handsome owner.

BBC promises "love affairs, class issues and plenty of gorgeous clothes." 

To which I say, HUZZAH!

This is currently airing in the UK this month and in the US hopefully
beginning of the new year.

Let me know your thoughts on this one and if it's a keeper!

Happy Viewing!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tunnel Diggers and Bathroom Musings

I live in a lovely end unit apartment.

It's got the loveliest of views, overlooking a beautiful lake.

Lots of ducks and geckos and lovely neighbors--who sound like they are trying to tunnel their way through my bathroom wall at all hours of day and night.

There I find myself (more than just a couple times, mind you) in my lovely little bathroom--I have it decorated in sunny yellow and shades of blue, very happy colors--I wont go into detail about what I was doing in there because I'm pretty sure that's TMI, when...

Clink, clink, clink.

What the???

Clink, clink, clink.

By golly, sounds like somebody next door is tap dancing on the wall we both share.

Hey now, I've seen Step Up, I know what breakdancing artisans are capable of...

But  hmmm not likely.

Clink, clink, clink.

It keeps persisting!

I've heard noises that pipes can make. This clearly is more distinct.

It sounds like metal tapping against metal. In a distinct pattern.

The sound a chisel would make, steadily boring through my wall.

I've never actually seen my next door neighbor--that I know of.

Shaggy, unkempt gremlin with a mad propensity to drive me insane while I'm just trying to take care of business?

Oh, oh, how about miniature people? Can anybody say, The Borrowers???

I thought it might be an SOS of sorts.

Clink, clink, clink. S --- O --- S ??

Does anyone know what an SOS would sound like in Morse-chisel-code?

Captive hostages next door?-that thought crossed my mind.

Or psycho, ex-professional tunnel digger? Did you know that this is a real profession?- not the psycho part.

Hey does one really ever know for sure, when one lives in an apartment complex?

There are just certain places that unsettling noises seem all the more puzzling and quite frankly sinister, One, when you are in your apartment alone with God knows who as your neighbor and Two, when you are in your bathroom.

It's very disturbing to be disturbed in one's bathroom of all places.

Okay, yes I know I'm rambling incoherently here.

It's 2 in the morning and I can't sleep after drinking two cups of caffeinated coffee this evening, can you really blame me?

Moral of this story?

Yeah there really isn't one other than I should probably call our maintenance men if the noise persists or something...

That would be the age appropriate thing to do.

It's so much more fun to hypothesize though...

The End.
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