Monday, September 3, 2012

Why I Hate Religion...

"Church is not
a Museum for good people
It's a Hospital for the broken.
Which means I don't have to hide my failure
I don't have to hide my sin.
Because it doesn't depend on me.
It depends on HIM.
You see because when I was God's enemy
and certainly not a fan,
He looked down and said 'I WANT that man..."
Jefferson Bethke



  1. While in my late twenties I let go of religion completely and simply embraced the I AM of my Being instead as Jesus taught me. Doing so made a huge difference in my life of which I am very grateful. Religion worked for a while but in the end it has not been able to transform the world, and so religion is on its way out. Churches left and right have been closing over the past several years because of very low attendance. I do not agree with everything the young man in the video stated but it is a powerful video that will make people think.

  2. those are definitely some good words to think about. thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh, yes! Religion is often the enemy of a true relationship with God.

  4. @Lauren: It's good, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by Lauren! :)

    @Collarcity: Great comment girly! I believed what you said -"Religion worked for awhile" because God in His great mercy and grace uses the sometimes flawed ways we go about things and the less than ideal ways we've "done church" in the past and will still bless them to a degree etc but ultimately the world needs Jesus, the Gospel, not a set of rules to attain to because we can never live up to them and a set of traditions to follow just because they seem good and holy. I think that is the "religion" that Jefferson is talking about. Makes you wonder if Churches are closing down in such rapid fire numbers, were they teaching and preaching the Gospel or some watered down, man centered version? Makes you think...because it's God who grows His church, man can put forth his very best efforts and strive to do all the right things but if the true Gospel of Jesus isn't being preached, I wonder how long they can truly last?? :) thanks again girly for your insights!

    @the Management: one may have to ponder over them a little bit...haha

    @Liz: yes, indeedy. Religion will tell us all the things we have to do and can't do to please God. But Jesus says, it's not about YOU, it's about ME and I have made you into a new creature and it is by my grace alone that you are saved. Good stuff!


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