Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Journey To Italian Citizenship Starts Now

Ciao Amici!

I can't believe September is halfway through!
Zoom, zoom.
Christmas is in 3 months! aghhh.
Okay, we wont go there, quite yet.

So I stumbled upon some fantastically interesting news.

I recently found out that I can apply for Italian Dual Citizenship. 
Who knew???!!!

My Grandfather was born in Italy but because he served in WWII in the US armed services he was automatically made a US citizen before my father was born
 that was a dead end as far as applying.
 my Grandmother's father and mother (my great-grandparents) were born
in Italy and he was not a naturalized citizen until after my grandmother was born.

What does it mean?

It means one, I'm still an American. 
But two, I can be an Italian Citizen as well!
And since they are part of the European Union,
in essence I can potentially live or work in any European country that is part of the Union.
How amazing would it be to live in Italy? Or England :))
Yes, please.

I called the Miami Italian consulate to make my citizenship appointment
two things:
the positive part: I got to speak with an Irish guy in Cork, Ireland to make my appt.
His accent was sensational.
I kept asking him more questions just so I could prolong the convo.
the negative-bummer part:
my appointment is not until August of 2014!
The Miami Consulate is backlogged with appts for 2 whole years! Can you believe that craziness??

So it will be a little while before I possess any citizenship other than my Americano one.
That's okay though.
It will be an interesting journey I'm sure.
I've already uncovered so many interesting things I never knew about my family.
It's been very fun!

And now:
commence the sending out and accumlating of
legal documents.


So just a little note to you, my friends, dig up a little of your own family
history and see if you too might have some interesting stories to uncover
and possible avenues you can explore that might lead you to places you'd
never imagined!

Enjoy some Italia scenery in celebration!



  1. That is simply awesome! How neat!
    Who can tell where this journey called life may take us?

  2. This is a very inspiring post. I actually have dual citizenship (Panama/America). I became an American citizen when I was 8 years old. I have no plans of ever living in Panama again though. I would love to live in Italy for a while.

  3. @Kellie: Thank you Kellie! It's crazy how life never goes quite like you expected it would, or even a fraction of what you thought it would be! Some things for good others maybe not so much. But it's neat to see the hand of God steering and guiding every step of the way. His plan is always so much more interesting :)

    @collarcitybrownstone: ohhh yes, how neat I forgot that you had dual citizenship too. Even if you never have plans to go back it's just neat to have the option, no? And to say--I am a citizen of two countries! haha. Awesome :)

  4. I am a little jealous that you'll be able to get Italian citizenship! We have an Italian blood on my mum's side of the family, but it's too far back for me to be able to claim citizenship - I haven't yet got to the point in the family when they first moved to England, that's how far back it is. However I do of course live in the EU which means I could move to Italy with little trouble if I could persuade my husband to agree! Maybe one day ;)

  5. Oh how I wish I was you!!! I have Italian background too, and I think it's so cool you found a way to become a citizen. I am trying to get my butt back over to Italy, ASAP :) I fell in love there last summer when I lived there for a whopping month and a half. It wasn't long enough! I absolutely love everything Italian. Now following your blog, doll!
    Ciao from friend Taylor

  6. @FireFairy: Oh yes, do try to persuade your husband, how fun would that be?? to live in Italy sighhh... but then again, from where I'm standing, I would just die of happiness if I could live in England too haha :))

    @Taylor: So glad you stopped by Taylor! I am so jealous that you were over there for a month and a half! Wow, it must have been so amazing. Have you made absolutely sure you can't claim citizenship with your relatives?? I had no idea at all until only a couple months ago so it was a huge surprise. You just never know...sometimes. Can't wait to check out your blog too girly!

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