Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ripper Street

This week's Costume Drama Spotlight is on a new BBC Mini-Series and thriller,
Ripper Street
An eight part drama series, produced for the BBC and airing in the UK sometime in October-ish,
in the US probably not until January of next year or so...
My brain hurts this weekend so I am going to make this lovely, short and sweet.
For those of you looking ahead to some good fall viewing, here's one to keep your eyes open for:
Synopsis straight from the BBC Brits:
"H Division is responsible for policing a relatively small area of just 1¼ square miles in Victorian London, yet into this space is packed some 67,000 people;
a seething, bustling mass of the poor and dispossessed.

Between the factories, rookeries, chop shops and pubs that mark out this maelstrom
moves Detective Inspector Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen) – a forward thinking detective haunted by a tragic past mistake" (my guess--something having to do with letting Jack the Ripper slip out of his hands).
"Accompanied by the ever loyal local brawn of Detective Sergeant Bennett Drake (Jerome Flynn), Reid seeks to bring justice to a world that is forever on the brink of mayhem.

Ripper Street is not another backward-looking ‘Hunt the Ripper’ story, but a fictionalized trek into the heart of a London borough living in the blood soaked aftermath of that forever anonymous killer." -BBC

I love Victorian mysteries so I think this series looks promising.
Mr. Darcy/Arthur Clennam stars in this one, yay.
It looks rather dark and creepy, always a plus.

Let us know if and when you see this one and if it's a winner!
Have a wonderful week ahead, friends :)

Happy Viewing!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Journey To Italian Citizenship Starts Now

Ciao Amici!

I can't believe September is halfway through!
Zoom, zoom.
Christmas is in 3 months! aghhh.
Okay, we wont go there, quite yet.

So I stumbled upon some fantastically interesting news.

I recently found out that I can apply for Italian Dual Citizenship. 
Who knew???!!!

My Grandfather was born in Italy but because he served in WWII in the US armed services he was automatically made a US citizen before my father was born
 that was a dead end as far as applying.
 my Grandmother's father and mother (my great-grandparents) were born
in Italy and he was not a naturalized citizen until after my grandmother was born.

What does it mean?

It means one, I'm still an American. 
But two, I can be an Italian Citizen as well!
And since they are part of the European Union,
in essence I can potentially live or work in any European country that is part of the Union.
How amazing would it be to live in Italy? Or England :))
Yes, please.

I called the Miami Italian consulate to make my citizenship appointment
two things:
the positive part: I got to speak with an Irish guy in Cork, Ireland to make my appt.
His accent was sensational.
I kept asking him more questions just so I could prolong the convo.
the negative-bummer part:
my appointment is not until August of 2014!
The Miami Consulate is backlogged with appts for 2 whole years! Can you believe that craziness??

So it will be a little while before I possess any citizenship other than my Americano one.
That's okay though.
It will be an interesting journey I'm sure.
I've already uncovered so many interesting things I never knew about my family.
It's been very fun!

And now:
commence the sending out and accumlating of
legal documents.


So just a little note to you, my friends, dig up a little of your own family
history and see if you too might have some interesting stories to uncover
and possible avenues you can explore that might lead you to places you'd
never imagined!

Enjoy some Italia scenery in celebration!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Why I Hate Religion...

"Church is not
a Museum for good people
It's a Hospital for the broken.
Which means I don't have to hide my failure
I don't have to hide my sin.
Because it doesn't depend on me.
It depends on HIM.
You see because when I was God's enemy
and certainly not a fan,
He looked down and said 'I WANT that man..."
Jefferson Bethke


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Henry and Titanic 2012

my beach :)
"A Day of Sunshine" 
"And over me unrolls on high
The splendid scenery of the sky,
Where through a sapphire sea the sun
Sails like a golden galleon.
Through every fiber of my brain,
Through every nerve, through every vein,
I feel the electric thrill, the touch
Of life that seems almost, too much..."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I stumbled upon Henry's poetic genius not long ago.
I know, ghastly that it has taken me so long.
His is a name I have heard often through the annals of school life growing up. 
But I never really took the time to appreciate his words.
Actually I'm not sure I ever read anything by him before.
I was usually struggling to keep my eyes open in English class in High School.
{Shhh...don't tell my dad, he was an english teacher-although never mine :(  ...)

Poetry can be an acquired taste I think.
Sometimes it's just really hard to figure out what the hey they are trying to say, no?

But not always :)

Do you like poetry?? If so I'd love for you to recommend me some other poet loveliness.
Henry...he's pretty straightforward and yet paints a brilliant picture with his words.

I would encourage you to read some more of his poems if ever you have the chance.
They just might uplift and inspire you today with a little poet-tryfied goodness.
 I love Saturdays.
I woke up and made some steller pancakes. 
Really, I'm quite a pro at it.
I flipped some through the air in the general direction of my roommates' plates.

We all scarfed them down.

Have you met my roommates on here?
I don't think so.
I will introduce you later.

Anyways, I'm off to see my grandparents here shortly.
The family usually tries to gather round on the weekends, whether planned or not.
Family in this Italian girl's life is super duper important.
They also make me laugh. A lot.

Good times...


I have to gush a little about this Movie Spotlight:

A little while back when I posted about
Titanic Blood and Steel coming out I confused the writers and said
Julian Fellowes directed it instead of Andrew Davies.
My bad and one of my lovely bloggy friends, Rissi, kindly pointed that out.

Well, Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey) did write the script for this version:

Titanic 2012 
which was released this year in tribute to the
100th anniversary of the Titanic's sinking.
stellar cast
I knew I heard his name linked in somewhere, somehow.

Okay, I'm a little late to the ballgame, but here's my two cents on this lovely:

I happened to catch site of this on my Instant Netflix.
Where I then promptly watched all four episodes and was so
pleasantly surprised I watched it twice in the same week!

If you would like a detailed, more indepth review of this movie click on Miss Rissi's link above.

We all know I don't have the patience to go very in depth with my reviews on here, 
I just like displaying pretty pictures and giving you the briefest synopsis that I can muster and still sound somewhat knowledgeable and smart.
I LOVED this series.

It follows the stories of a few families and single peoples from all walks of life- from the servants to the crew members to the upper class as they all embark on this fateful journey.

The story is "rehashed" in each of the four episodes only delivered from different people's perspectives up until the initial impact, and then in the last episode the story progresses beyond the immediate hitting of the iceberg.  

As a result, giving us a kind of fresh take on the movie compared to previous versions before
that proceed from start to finish spending long, agonizing time on the actual sinking.

This version doesn't do that.

And I have to say, some of the story lines, while they hint that the people did not make it,
hey, if they didn't show them succumbing to icy water drowning deaths--I'm going with--they lived!
Don't burst my bubble.
Three cheers for the optimist view!

I sobbed uncontrollably enough viewing this story as a 14 year old when I watched the 97 version with poor Rose and Jack flopping through the water for like an hour and a half of agony.
Fifteen years later and I'm still perplexed why Rose didn't move her butt over 
so Jack could get out of the water???

Anyhoo, this new version received mixed reviews with most of the complaints centering on too many stories going on with not enough attention spent with each one.
Kinda my complaint with Downton...
While I agree, I would have loved to see more of the important storylines in this version because seriously, can one ever get enough of good costume drama-ry?-4 hours is just not enough for good storytelling, it was still overall phenomenally well acted and an enjoyable viewing experience.

Let me know your thoughts!

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