Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The great and powerful...

Hello mid-week.
I'm so glad to see you.
And hello to you bloggy readers :)

How are you fairing this day?
I'm trying very hard to enjoy my evenings whilst still being productive
but find myself consistently trying to resist the impulse to slouch deep 
into the cushions of my couch and fall asleep.
Um, it's only like 7 pm.
So sleep, not an option yet.
Work has been super duper busy. I've got a bajillion
design deadlines I'm trying to keep up with.

My head kinda feels like it's going to explode.
Or implode.
Same disastrous result either way, I think.

I keep getting insane amounts of work piled on my desk.
I'm not sure if it's physically possible to complete it all in time.
I entertain thoughts of it sprouting feet and walking off my desk 
and far, far away from my to do box.

But I don't think rationally that's likely to happen.
Such is life I suppose when you are part of the workforce.
 And have bills to pay.
And have not been lucky enough to hit the lottery or make a million bucks.
get caught in a gigantic twister and propelled
into another universe like our next Costume Drama Spotlight.

Anything's possible can maintain hope :)

enough whining now.
I am grateful to have said work.
Yes, yes sirree.
Costume Drama Spotlight
I am however very excited to give you a peak at the new poster art, pics and trailer for
Oz, The Great and Powerful
Directed by Sam Raimi and releasing March, 2013
This is a prequel to Frank L. Baum's
epically huge novel The Wizard of Oz, 1900.

Film starts in Black and White like the original :)

James Franco plays Oscar Diggs, small town magician.
aka (the Great and Powerful Oz --as we know him in the WofO)

Oscar longs to do something legendary with his life.
And then...
 he gets into a balloon.
And there's a maniacal twister afoot.
And up, up and away he goes
and he's transported to a land called

He thinks he has it made in the shade because everyone thinks he is some 
great man they have been waiting for.

But there are problems skirting the fairytale land of Oz.
Things are not all they seem.
And then there are the three sisters who are there to take him to task on who he really is and
if he can really help them save Oz.

Enter: Glinda (Witch of the North) played by Michelle Williams
Theodora (Witch of the West) played by Mila Kunis   
and Evanora (Witch of the East) played by Rachel Weisz

Excited to see this one, folks.

Take a brief look and tell us what you think!

The End.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Parade's End and a Note of Thanks

I haven't said it enough, but I'm going to say it now.
I appreciate all of you who take the time out of your busy lives to read my random posts on this here bloggy and all of your dear comments and encouragement and ideas and thoughts and critiques and criticisms.

The whole shabang.

And I even love those odd spammer commentors who are from like Nepal and whose comments are usually in broken English and never have anything to do with the post that I've just written but never fail to end with a "God Bless you".

Hey, I'll take that blessing, yes sirree. So thank you.

You all are brilliantly supportive and I appreciate every last one of you and wish we could all meet face to face instead of screen to screen.

But this will have to do for now...

Others of you, I get to see in person and for that I am doubly blessed :)

So if you ever find yourself darkening the pages of this blog, do take a second to comment. Know that I appreciate you and read every comment and respond back as quickly as I can.

And I love to find new blogs to read and follow too so don't be shy!

Quick Costume Drama Spotlight for those of you who can't get enough of good British telecasting (you know who you are :)

  Parade's End (2012)
Based on a novel series of the same name written by
Ford Madox Ford between 1924-1928

The books have had critical acclaim by esteemed literary peoples.
 Ranked No. 57 on the Modern Library's 100 Best Literary Novels of the 20th Century.


that's something, huh?

What's it about?

It's about a rich dude who is also a soldier. 
(Benedict Cumberbatch aka Sherlock Holmes/War Horse)

Set in England and on the Front during World War 1

He's married to a flighty, irreverent socialite who is not so nice.
They have a child, whom he is not even sure is his own.

He starts to fall in love with a woman of conviction and a suffragette to boot.
But then rumors start to swirl about them before anything really happens
which causes a lot of drama.

The story toggles back and forth between all three of their lives, 
and from when he is at home
to when he is at war.

For my own self, I think this warrants a further peak due to the acclaim of the novels.
I'm not sure if this one is a winner or not or if it's just going to be frustrating.

But I leave that to you to decide for your selves.

Let me know what you think and if you've seen it!

Happy Viewing!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Business Coming Soon!

I wanted you all to be the first to know!

After more than a year and a half, I'm finally ready to launch a new business venture.

Very excited :) Not sure why it took me so long.

Well, actually there were many extenuating circumstances that cropped up along the way.

Namely a huge move that involved hundreds of miles. Tends to disorient you a little.

And other stuff.

Don't let anyone kid you: starting a business is not for the faint at heart.

The process towards achieving entrepreneurship, is extremely involving!

I can't tell you how long it took me to actually settle on a name I liked??

I tried out a few which you will see below. Not easy my friends.
I made a long list. And everytime I thought I came up with an awesome, original name, bam, google search would burst my bubble declaring some other dude, somewhere else in the world, was already using it! :(

Really tragic.

And then when it came to designing a logo that worked for me...not easy. Much easier to design logos for other people. It was just so hard to commit.

Very time consuming...but I finally settled on a name and design I liked:

 Can you guess which one I picked?


Well friends, Number 1 is the winner!

wanderWowl is where it's at.

What will we be offering, you ask?

wanderWowl is a shop 
selling original poster art, tees and more.
I hope to "open the doors" here shortly.
Here's your first sneak peak:


 Coming soon!

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