Thursday, July 5, 2012

Next Big Film Since Harry Potter

Get ready for the next big fantasy film since Harry Potter...or so I have been hearing.

This up and coming Costume Drama Movie is based on a very popular series about a teenage boy living in Victorian England who gets sent to work as a magician's apprentice assisting with stage shows for guests at the Prince Regent––an enormously imposing hotel built into the side of a cliff.

The above stairs guests experience every kind of luxury in this steam powered marvel of a hotel.

Below ground floors? Murky slimy passageways and basement rooms abounding in murder and every other kind of egregious shenanigans.

The boy's name? Mariah Mundi

The name of this teen thriller? 
Mariah Mundi and The Midas Box

Based on the novel written by G.P. Taylor 
(author of Shadowmancer, and interestingly-former English Vicar, dubbed "next c.s. lewis")

Aneurin Barnard actor in title role
Mariah soon uncovers, with the help of a servant girl, that every other apprentice before him has mysteriously disappeared including his brother before him, Felix.

The hotel's owner is an evil man bent on finding a box that will turn everything to gold and by any means necessary.

And he is only one of a host of interesting and diverse characters in this story including Captain Charity-a strange sort of eccentric "Indiana Jones" type of character who they team up with to help them in their quest to find Mariah's brother and the mystery behind his disappearing parents as well.

I have not read this series (although I just might pick up a copy now, my interest having been piqued), and I have heard it has a Dickensian feel to it with a heavy dose of epic goodness vs. evil theme which sounds doubly interesting :)

This movie has already finished filming and is set to release in 2013.

Lots of great actors including Sam Neil, Michael Sheen, Keeley Hawes, Ioan Gruffud and Lena Headey.

Have you heard of this story?? Read it already? Recommend it, or not? Let us know!

Captain Charity played by Michael Sheen

fantastic cover art!!

 The End.


  1. Never heard of this one but I love Keeley and Ioan. ;-)

  2. Oh me too :) Two of my fav UK actors...I keep hoping one of these days they will cast Ioan in an Austen or similar lead guy role. Come on now... :)

  3. Oh now I want to read yet another book! Thanks Jeanine!

    1. Yes, if you do, let me know what you think of it :) Thanks for stopping by Naomi!

  4. Hmmm, this sounds very interesting. I will be looking forward to reading and seeing it. Love the art work too :)

    1. Oh good :) I know, I love the art work. Really stylistic...very cool :) xxoo

  5. Glad to see you like the movie - you can follow Mariah Mundi Movie on Facebook


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