Monday, July 2, 2012

Colossal Magical Air Beasts

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I was driving home early this evening, within a wide stretch of three gloriously empty lanes, tunes blaring on the radio, sunlight streaming across the sky on its merry way to meet the horizon line when I reached one of my favorite parts of the trek home.

I was passing the local airport.

I had my eyes on the upcoming traffic signal to gauge whether or not I should start gunning the gas pedal to make it through in time :) when whoosh, right above that green light, I was rewarded with a broadside view of a massive jetliner, roaring it's mammoth self upward.

It looked as if it was only a few yards above the power lines. There we were, just me with my mouth gaping open and this large, gleaming Air Beast.

It actually took my breath away.

If I reached up high enough--I just knew I could touch it.

Seeing those tinted windows, like so many pairs of hooded eyes, staring down at me.

Teasing me. For I am stuck down here while they, they are headed for the azure expanse of wide open skies.

Airways that promise of untold adventures, thrilling new landscapes and anticipated experiences to come. Just waiting on the other side of destination.

When I see a plane I'm still amazed that we ever figured out such a thing.

Flight. It's incredible.  

Cocooned in a metal shell cruising through the air somewhere around 550 miles/hr.
my first glimpse of England :)
and over Sicily, Italy :)
Is there anything quite like seeing the sun streaming through puffy clouds––when you are actually inside those puffy clouds??

Let me answer that for you––um no, nothing.

Can I admit something?

Every time a plane falls into view, I am instantly curious.

Who are those people seated within? Hundreds of yards above my head––where are they going?? What are their stories? What about the pilots and airflight attendants--are they just plumb beat and looking forward to one last trip before home? Or excited to be soaring through the air again?
Antonio Zarli
Are the passengers eager? Disgruntled and dreading their destination? Could they be visiting a family member, one last time, before saying goodbye? Or reuniting with a lover after many months apart? Leaving friends and family behind to start fresh in a new city?

I suppose my highly romanticized view of it all is inspired by all the good experiences I've had flying. 

Not all great times though...

Like the time when we hit major turbulence and I almost hurled the contents of my queasy stomach all over the nice Indian man telling me all about his Hindu religion. 

Close call. It wasn't pretty.

But all in all, there's just something magical about it. 

One moment I can be standing on the hot sunny tarmac of the Sunshine state, and within a few hours I can be thousands of miles away in another country and or continent breathing in unfamiliar air. Discovering different cultures, peoples and foods.

And yes. Magical, too:
Casting my vision upwards and catching a brief glimpse of people in a super fast flying capsule far above my head--this is something that will always fascinate me. How could it not??

I hope that sometime soon I can join their ranks up there in the sky. Journey to a new place I've never been before. Do some good for others. Enjoy being alive and this planet that God gave us. Then I'd journey somewhere else...

And do it all over again.

Until then, I will just have to enjoy watching from far below. 

Just a girl on her way home from work, anticipating a peek at those captivating streamlined curves... 

Hopeful to spy the precise choreography that catapults that colossal beast, soaring high in the sky.

Oh, and by the way, the captain has turned off the fasten seatbelt sign and you may now walk freely in the cabin.

Merry Travels ;)


  1. I totally can relate to this post. I work for a green technology company. It is located just about a mile from the airport. I have to drive by the airport runaway every day going back and forth to work. When the planes are landing and taking off they are literally right above my car. I can see the windows and which airline plane it is. Barack Obama came to visit the area twice and both times I saw the executive plane parked there. It is huge with the words United States of America written across it in blue. The first time President Obama came I went out to the airport to watch the plane take off after he was finished speaking at the college he came to visit. A few of us at work simply left and went over to the airport. A few of my co-workers had an idea of when the President's plane should be arriving that day and went out to wait and watch it fly in. They were not disappointed. Every time the president comes to visit the airport is swamped with people just wanting a glimpse of the plane. It is magnificent.

    When I see a plane taking off I wonder where it is going. If I see one landing I wonder where it flew in from. I have always loved watching planes taking off and landing.

    I once very seriously thought of being a flight attendant. I even went out to the airport hanger back in the 1990's to apply at the now defunct Eastern Airlines. The fact is though that I do not like actually being on planes. I am never completely comfortable until I feel the wheels of the plane touch down, so I would not make a good flight attendant. My dislike of flying has hindered me from traveling to Europe. I have never been there, and yearn to go so very much. I actually would love to live there for a while. Just for a few years until I have seen all the countries I want and then return to America.

    I have been to Mexico and since I am originally from Panama, of course, I have flown back and forth there to visit family. I have flown to Florida to well, but it has been some time since I was last on a plane.

    I have never been to California, but I always dreamed about taking the train cross country and stopping in different places along the way. It just seems like a fun idea and adventure to me. I love adventure.

  2. Love this post. I swear somewhere our hearts are connected for you often speak the things I think. I just moved to New Cumberland...and I live right next to a small airport for private airplanes...cute little two -four seater planes. I love to watch them..and to fly....Let me know where you decide to take your adventure to... maybe you will need a travelling budding... :)

    ps. At least you didn't actually throw up on the plane... I did that was so not a good time.

    1. Aww I love what you wrote :) They must be connected, no?? I love that you share my sentiments! So neat that you live right near one... I hope you are liking your new place. I'm sad I never got to see it! :( If and when I do decide I will let you know, traveling buddies are always a welcome addition. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing :)

      ps... eww I totally sympathize with you there, not fun at time I will go prepared-just in case-little anti nausea/flying meds will be in order haha...come on now :)


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