Friday, May 4, 2012

Wayfaring Journey Into A New Season

Hello again, my friend.
What's new?
How have you been??

I've missed you.

For my part, I've been silent on here for a little while because 
I've been soaking in my new surroundings.

And I do mean, literally, soaking

Soaking in lovely pools and gulf coast waters. 
Alternating of course with sunning and tanning my previously ghostly white complexion 
until I attain the texture of a crispy fried plantain. Yesss...

Just kidding. I'll try to stop before I get that far.

But it's been so lovely. And refreshing. 

I was sad though to leave good friends and family behind.

And because I had to leave my furry man behind as well.
Although for him––only temporarily, mind you.

"Mr. MattyPancks, do not despair, I'll see you in 3.5weeks."

He loves his hat.

And by love, I mean, only slightly mortified. 

But guess what? I traveled 1000miles all by myself. 

I still feel so proud.
I loaded my trusty blue toyota to capacity and headed in a southernly direction from Pennsylvania. 
All the way until I reached the sunshine state of Florida.

Roughly 18 hours of good music, alternating with the audio bible, and blaring 
Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again" whenever it would pop up in the shuffle mix.
It just seemed appropriate.

And taking advantage of good thinking and praying time.

Lots of relishing quickly passing new terrains through my dash and thinking God is pretty flipping fantastic for coming up with such varied and brilliant creation 
that goes so often, overlooked in busy lives.

Yes, and veggie delight subs at subway and V8 Blueberry Pomegranate 6pack-a-licious drinks, and 
staying within 5 miles of the speed limit like the WHOLE ENTIRE time because there was a BAJILLION speed traps along the way.
And of course, because I would never speed, anyway ;)

A night spent in a quiet, air conditioned hotel room where I recouped a bit 
with a fish sandwich and fries and a couple swiss rolls. Oh and a strawberry shake. 
Outrageously horrifying conglomeration, I know.

But it was yummy.
And I'd do it again.

And then, more driving.
And avoiding rest stops because I didn't want to run into any highway serial killing truck drivers 
who apparently can lurk there...

Very creepy.
This solitary wayfaring gal wouldnt be caught dead stopping there.
No pun intended.

And then finally: destination arrived at!
My family at this corner of the country were there to greet me.
And it was quite lovely and surreal to be back in this place that I used to live.
And fun to see what has changed and what has most definitely not.

Now...I just need to find a job.
Oh, and a place to live.

But until I do...I'm the resident "squatter" at my aunt's house.
She's wonderful for letting me stay.
And set up temporary camp.
Whilst living out of my car trunk.
heh heh...

Loving the quality time I've gotten to hang with my awesome brother and family, here :))
Now...*sigh of relief*
so glad I made it and ready for what is to come.
isn't she beautiful?? Love her!
my brother fooling around :))
Hello home.

To be continued.


  1. Aw! This is so great, Jeanine! We've missed you too. Lovely pictures (is it okay that I am a teeny-tiny-bit jealous!? LOL!), and I am glad you are settling in and arrived safely. =)

    Looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

  2. So glad you made it safely!!! And so jealous when looking at those pictures :) But I am also incredibly excited for this new chapter in your life, and can hardly wait to hear about what adventures God brings your way.

    Also, I love your dolphin car air freshner... I have the exact same one!

  3. Missed you and your wonderful blog posts too! Beautiful photos :)

  4. Aww thanks ladies!!! Let me just say––I missed youuuu too! And It is so very nice to be missed as well :))) You made my day for stopping by :)))

    @Rissi: Teeny-tiny bit of jealousy is okay...haha JK. But seriously, how fun would it be if you came down for a visit :)) We would have a blast, I know it!

    @Chronicler: Yes! I'm excited too and so appreciative that you would say so :))
    and crazy it that--we both have the same Mr Dolphin????!! I have to admit, I've had him hanging from my dash for at least the past 5 years...haha since I moved away from Florida...Only fitting to bring him back down. haha Too funny tho. Love it!

    @FireFairy: Thank you again girly, can't wait to get caught up with your lovely blog...Hope you are doing well, my dear :))

  5. Aahhhh...I've been waiting for you to blog again. I love the way you express your thoughts and feelings and love to see the pictures that you take even the ones while you were driving :-0
    Hoping that you settle in here and that great and unexpected wonders happen as you venture into a new beginning, a fresh start...

  6. @Nonnie: Yay!! I'm glad you were finally able to post a reply on here! haha I love your thoughtful comments :) What?––taking pictures whilst driving??? Who me??? nahhh. Never. Ever. I have a err Heh heh JK Love you!! xxoo

  7. Yay you're back! And in my opinion no trip is complete without some swiss cake rolls. Little debbies is the bomb. No go out there and get a tan for me! I won't have a chance to get one for a while. haha :)

  8. wooo! way to go traveling by yourself!! found you through adventures of newlyweds :) xo

  9. @Kate: Yay, I'm happy to be back, thanks!! The problem with Little Debbie--anything, desserts are that I cannot eat only one of any of them. They are so cutely individually packaged that it actually makes me want to eat more than one. So not good for the stomach line, those treats are not. But sure are yummy. Working on that tan! :))

    @Lissa: Thanks for stopping by, girly :) Traveling alone can be much fun for sure!

  10. I love that you took a solo trip that took you through such gorgeous country and I'm glad you arrived safely! I hope you are able to find work soon, but in the meantime I'm happy your aunt is letting you hang out at her place. She sounds very cool. :)

    I love your cat's hat, by the way, even if he doesn't! He looks pretty amazing in it.

    I can't wait to hear more about your adventures! :D

  11. @Caterpillartooth: Oh thank you so much for your lovely words. And Mr Pancks thanks you for the compliment as well :)) Solo trips are quite adventurous! :))


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