Sunday, May 20, 2012


Eucharisteo... the greek word for life-filling gratitude.

I just learned this from the book I'm reading for the small group I am in.

Doesn't it roll off the tongue beautifully? Go on... say it out loud.

I want to name a small country after this word.

Or my first-born.

At the rate I'm going, me acquiring a small country that has been unclaimed and unnamed will probably come first.


It's a meaty word.

The author of the book, One Thousand Gifts–– proposes that deep joy can only be found at the table of this eucharisteo––thanksgiving.

She made a list of 1000 things she is grateful for throughout her day to day life and she says it has revolutionized the way she lives.

Things pass before us a mile a minute in our busy lives.

If we don't stop and call those things out when we come upon them...they will brush by unnoticed.

We humans have a spectacular ability to forget.

And in the forgetting––there are a multitude of lost opportunities to embrace wonder and appreciation despite difficulties.

There is deep joy to be found with every acknowledgement.

Deep, fortifying joy that doesn't damper based on my circumstances.

Aren't we told to give thanks in everything?

There was lack of sustenance and multitudes of people... Jesus was handed a few scraps of bread and some fish and what did he do?

He gave thanks. And it multiplied.

He told his disciples at the last supper to break the bread and drink of the cup and give thanks, and to do it often.

Col 3:17: Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.

There is something phenomenally cool that happens when I open my mouth and declare to the creation around me that I am grateful for something. God's ears draw near and He listens. In the speaking out  know what?...My troubles seem to lighten!

So given this fascinating find... I started thinking of things at any given moment in time that I am in awe of.

The sound of children giggling
Water bubbling out of a spout.
A deep breath filling my lungs.
Family that knows about all of my dirty laundry and still embrace me.
The beauty of dancing butterflies and scampering squirrels.
The knowledge that I am the daughter of the King, and He knows me better than I know myself.

My heart skips a beat. And I can actually feel delight seeping in!

Seriously, you should try this!!

I know I want more of I keep thinking...

Shoes on my feet...
Air condition!
Creamy chunky peanut butter and blackberry sandwiches.
Friends that encourage and bring a smile to my face.
A firm handshake and a warm embrace.
Music that inspires and bewitches my ears.
Wildlife brilliance...

The knowledge that NOTHING in my life is an insignificant detail to God.
Moonlit walks on the beach and gazing at shiny twinkly gems in the darkened sky.
The feel of cool grass beneath my bare feet.
Taking long walks with my sister and dad on the Rail trail.
Endless horizons over sparkling waters.

Ahh...truly life-filling, overflowing joy jump-starting gratitude.

The more I think of things, the more at peace and happy I feel.

It's like a God-given, natural buffer to our weary souls. Joy. It most definitely is our strength.

And a key to overcoming...

Giving thanks––IN EVERYTHING.

It might not always be easy...I know this.

But as far as I can see... we've been given clear instructions from the Word to do this for a very real and important reasons.

And I am learning now, like never before, the power of stopping in my tracks and expressing joy and thanks at the little and big things that file past me.

You must stop and try this. Make a point to look around you and treasure hunt for things you are impressed with and thankful for.

You might be amazed to find deep joy starting to bubble up and out from inside of you!

The End.
*Note: all pics courtesy of tumblr/pinterest

Friday, May 11, 2012

Up and Coming Costume Dramas 2

I know you've all been waiting for some up and coming Costume Drama spotlights,
so I shant disappoint.

"Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door."
Edgar Allan Poe

#1. You may have seen this first one in theaters, it just recently came out.
I have not had the chance to view it yet, but it seems fascinating. 
And gory.
And set in the winding, back ally streets of Baltimore, Maryland in the 1800's,
which makes it...?
a gothic thriller.

The Raven
Starring John Cusack, Alice Eve and Luke Evans

Edgar Allen Poe is enlisted to help a Baltimore police detective uncover a string of 
murders based on his own poems. 

Love this poster art released for the movie.

 #2. Next up...a fantasty/adventure story...

A young farmer, unwittingly discovers a gateway into another world, triggering the continuation of an ancient war involving outlandishly large and grotesque Giants.
And yes, there is a princess that needs rescuing.

Jack The Giant Killer 
Directed by Bryan Singer (X-Men) and starring Nicholas Hoult, Ewan McGregor, Bill Nighy

And because a picture, or string of them in rapid succession,
is worth a thousand more words...
Have a look see.

#3. My favorite fairy tale movie is coming to the big screen...
Emma Watson is to play Belle in an adaptation entitled: Beauty,
and directed by Guillermo Del Toro, who is an excellent director (Pans Labrynth)
and as a result: I think this new version will be awesomeness.
Andrew Davies (Bleak House, P&P 1995) is writing the script

Slated to come out end of 2013ish.

Sorry, I know this one is out there a bit...but just file it away, and if I hear more I'll spill.

Loved the animated version as a girl. My fav :))

Well, that's all for now, friends.

Let me know your thoughts on any of these. 
And if you hear of any interesting costume drama-ry, throw them
my way!

The End.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Wayfaring Journey Into A New Season

Hello again, my friend.
What's new?
How have you been??

I've missed you.

For my part, I've been silent on here for a little while because 
I've been soaking in my new surroundings.

And I do mean, literally, soaking

Soaking in lovely pools and gulf coast waters. 
Alternating of course with sunning and tanning my previously ghostly white complexion 
until I attain the texture of a crispy fried plantain. Yesss...

Just kidding. I'll try to stop before I get that far.

But it's been so lovely. And refreshing. 

I was sad though to leave good friends and family behind.

And because I had to leave my furry man behind as well.
Although for him––only temporarily, mind you.

"Mr. MattyPancks, do not despair, I'll see you in 3.5weeks."

He loves his hat.

And by love, I mean, only slightly mortified. 

But guess what? I traveled 1000miles all by myself. 

I still feel so proud.
I loaded my trusty blue toyota to capacity and headed in a southernly direction from Pennsylvania. 
All the way until I reached the sunshine state of Florida.

Roughly 18 hours of good music, alternating with the audio bible, and blaring 
Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again" whenever it would pop up in the shuffle mix.
It just seemed appropriate.

And taking advantage of good thinking and praying time.

Lots of relishing quickly passing new terrains through my dash and thinking God is pretty flipping fantastic for coming up with such varied and brilliant creation 
that goes so often, overlooked in busy lives.

Yes, and veggie delight subs at subway and V8 Blueberry Pomegranate 6pack-a-licious drinks, and 
staying within 5 miles of the speed limit like the WHOLE ENTIRE time because there was a BAJILLION speed traps along the way.
And of course, because I would never speed, anyway ;)

A night spent in a quiet, air conditioned hotel room where I recouped a bit 
with a fish sandwich and fries and a couple swiss rolls. Oh and a strawberry shake. 
Outrageously horrifying conglomeration, I know.

But it was yummy.
And I'd do it again.

And then, more driving.
And avoiding rest stops because I didn't want to run into any highway serial killing truck drivers 
who apparently can lurk there...

Very creepy.
This solitary wayfaring gal wouldnt be caught dead stopping there.
No pun intended.

And then finally: destination arrived at!
My family at this corner of the country were there to greet me.
And it was quite lovely and surreal to be back in this place that I used to live.
And fun to see what has changed and what has most definitely not.

Now...I just need to find a job.
Oh, and a place to live.

But until I do...I'm the resident "squatter" at my aunt's house.
She's wonderful for letting me stay.
And set up temporary camp.
Whilst living out of my car trunk.
heh heh...

Loving the quality time I've gotten to hang with my awesome brother and family, here :))
Now...*sigh of relief*
so glad I made it and ready for what is to come.
isn't she beautiful?? Love her!
my brother fooling around :))
Hello home.

To be continued.

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