Saturday, March 10, 2012

Little Dorrit is a keeper

For your viewing pleasure...

This week's Costume Drama Spotlight...
A Charles Dickens classic tale of love blossoming despite strict class divides and the
chaos that ultimately ensues.

Little Dorrit
2008 BBC adaptation featuring Claire Foy and Matthew Mcfadden

This story is Dickens at his epically finest.
Lots and lots of characters.
Many of them shady, indeed.
Some of them truly innocent and noble as is the title character.

Amy Dorrit is born into a debtor's prison.
Very degrading.
But she is the first person to have actually been born there.
This makes her famous.
At least in her own class of peoples.
She is not bitter either.
She is sweet and kind and always hopeful, despite her bumbling father.

Now enter handsome, rich guy with clouded past: Arthur Clennam
There is a mystery concerning his father and the pocket watch he left him,
inscribed with: Do Not Forget
When Arthur shows his crotchety old mother she freaks.
He notices she employs a pretty young girl from the workhouse
every week to do her sewing. It seems suspect because he knows 
she probably does not really need this service.

Hero meet heroine.
They do and he is instantly intrigued by Amy and her outlook on life.
He also wonders if somehow her family's misfortune is somehow connected to his 
late father's message.
Something his tight-lipped mother wont deny or confirm.
This story has many other storylines running throughout the length of it.
I wont even begin to go into all of them but needless to say,
they kept me interested throughout the long haul.

Very colorful characters.
Amy has a very eccentric sister and brother-in-law who are fun to watch.

Andy Circus plays a serial murderer running around town.
Very creepy.

Mr Pancks the rent-collecting-investigator is in this!!!
Love him. So much that I named my cat after him.
 Yes, yes, I did.

So find out what the mystery is and why Amy and her poor family 
have been the family longest ever stuck
in the debtor's prison, 
or so this story goes... :))

You will need to cordon off 7.5 hours of your time.
I know you are busy, but this is a classic.
So you can justify it by saying it's educational.

Watch this movie!
Tell me what you think my lovely costume drama fans.
(can rent it on netflix, amazon, wherever else movies are rented from
or just give in and buy it.)

Happy Viewing.


  1. I was introduced to Little Dorrit about a year and a half ago and I absolutely LOVE it!!!! Like you said, this is Dickens at his finest. The characters are brilliant, the story intriguing, and it is nigh impossible to stop watching! LOVE THIS!!!

  2. This movie is wonderful (to say nothing of the great improvement it is over the 80's version) but oddly enough, I've only seen it once... Guess I should really re-watch it one of these days. =)

  3. I love this movie...and the book! Little Dorrit is my favorite Dickens so far:)

  4. I just finished watching this a few days ago. I LOVED it! As soon as it was over, I wanted to start it all over again. Now I just read to read the book :)

  5. @Chronicler: I had bought this movie about a year ago after having seen it air on Masterpiece Theatre a couple years back. Truly is Dickens at his finest, I agree :))

    @Rissi: I have never seen the 80's version although I found pics of it and wondered how it was... I take it, it wasn't fantastic :)) I feel a Little Dorrit marathon coming on, myself. Always good for a rewatch.

    @Lauren: I have not had a chance to read this tale yet, but after hearing that you think it is a lovely read, I am going to have to! :))

    @Hannah: Ohh I'm so glad you enjoyed this movie too!! It always makes me so happy to meet others who love these adaptations as well. Brilliant! I need to read it now, too!

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!! Love, love–reading your comments :))))

  6. I want to watch this so bad!! Thanks for sharing.

    Love your blog! :)

    Have a nice weekend.

    1. Hey there Jessica! So glad you stopped by. You should definitely try and get a hold of this lovely. You wont be disappointed :)))

  7. Oh my gosh! I loved this adaptation so much! I adore the book and this really did it justice. And yes Mr Pancks is awesome, Matthew McFadden was perfect for Arthur Clennam, and the guy who played Mr Dorrit brought so much emotion in the character; he really is such a tragic figure.

  8. ooh! this looks right up my alley. I love this period kind of movies. :)


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