Saturday, March 3, 2012

Close of a Week

Paint and tightly stretched canvases.
Colorful brilliance splashed with purpose into compositions cascading with energy.
Images of faces and music and superheroes and just everyday life.
They all form before my eyes.

You know the only place better than a library, chock full of books?

An art gallery.

Yes, puh-lease.

Last night I went to see my good friend's gallery exhibition in downtown Lancaster
and it was amazing.
She is so talented. And I am so proud of her!
Her name is Vanessa.

Here is her beautiful face :) And a few images I captured of her lovely work...

It was quite lovely.

Bravo, my friend :)

My sister and I then meandered through the crowded streets of Lancaster's Gallery Row.

We dodged excited clusters of teens as they stuffed delicious looking ice cream creations into their mouths, outside a Creamery.

We resisted the urge to go join them. 

I had not eaten anything all day and my head was starting to throb at this point.  
Translation: eat something substantial!

I dutifully obeyed.

We spotted a lovely restaurant situated in a cute nook between a pub and some shops.

It was drizzling and damp outside, so we expedited it inside.

restaurant pics courtesy
The menu was a bit pricey, but it's always fun to try something new, no?

I ordered the grilled salmon, which topped a chunky crab bisque. 

Finger lickin' good.––Although you would be proud of me for I resisted the urge to do that. 

I think we would have been tossed out on our bums if we had. Not quite the atmosphere for that enthusiastic kind of reaction.

So yeah, I don't usually order alcohol when I go out to eat, and after looking at the beverage list,  I though, hmm...what are my choices? What the heck, I'll just try something new...

I ordered a Virgin Mary, the non-alcoholic version of a Bloody Mary.


Don't. Ever. Order. This.

I should have been tipped off by the tomato juice part of it. No, it doesn't stop there.
There is also Worcestershire sauce in this beauty. And a slew of other random spice-like ingredients.

Who knew?? I took a nice hefty gulp, and then desperately tried not to spew it out all over the crisp white table cloth.

I think the waiter thought I was deranged for ordering it in the first place.


It was a great dinner anyway though, despite beverage disaster.

Afterwards, we clickety-clopped it back to my car. 

I say "clopped" because that is indeed what I sounded like in my four inch heels as I tried to stay upright. And you see, I didn't even have alcohol as an excuse for my wobbling.

Don't throw rocks at me, I am not condoning getting drunk!

What I am saying though, is a girl has to challenge her own vertically challenged limits, when she can. Yes indeed. It's worth the pain and twisted ankles. Um, most of the time. I think.

I drove home. It rained the entire way back. Yuck. We made it without running over or into anything.

It was a great night :))

I hope you too had a lovely end to your week my friends.

The End.


  1. That sounds absolutely lovely! Now I want to go for dinner at that restaurant! Very jealous :) I hope the rest of your weekend goes even more splendidly!

    1. Thank you my dear :) It was quite nice. I hope your weekend is passing in a relaxing and inspired way :))) Thanks so much for stopping by, girly!

  2. Wow that's Me ;D Thank You Lady you've captured my moment! ;)

  3. Peace dear, you visiting for the first time and really enjoying the style and behavior found here.
    It also would be happy to join my blog, following me, his presence will brighten my space.

    May the Lord do the miracle that both want to achieve in your life!

    In Christ,



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