Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Novel Contest and More

Three things I feel compelled to mention to you today.

They may be random. They may be haphhazard. They may even be arbitrary.

Ok, ok, those words all mean the same thing.

But I know it was slightly impressing you...




Don't be jealous.

Look what my sweet Aunt sent me:

Oh. I bet I know what you're thinking...

She got me a camera lens, right??

Totally wrong. 

It looks like one.

It feels like one.

Can you guess yet??

It's genius. 

Such a good laugh. 

And I LOVE it.
It's a coffee and tea mug!!!

You can see where it hails from by clicking here:  PHOTO JOJO'S
and if you love photography and or know someone who does, you have to stop by.

They have so many neat and unusual items and also real life camera accessories and lens as well.

One of my new fav sites :)


Are you a writer?

I know there are quite a few of you out there in the land of Blog who call yourselves exactly that.

And I know for a fact that some of you if not all, are very good, indeed.

Have you a finished manuscript lying around collecting dust. Not sure what to do with it?

Well, this is sort of short notice, but since I just heard of it, I thought I'd pass it on, anyway.

You can enter this contest:

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

and submit that novel you've written. It has to be sent in by February 5th!

Each winner will receive a publishing contract with Penguin, which includes a $15,000 advance. It wont be made available to the public, if it wins, until the summer, though.

And hey, you never know, right? It may catch the eye of a literary agent or something, even if it doesn't get first place.

Two categories: Young Adult Fiction and General Fiction.

I would submit one, but the one I am working on right now is forlorn at only 20,000 words. Pretty sure it needs A LOT more than that :)

So I pass the torch on to you, then.

So go get em tigers!

And I'd love to hear from you if you do!!


When I grow up, I want to live in a castle.

Any of these will do.

Feel free to take notes.

So this would be a tiny castle but it's so adorable
Mariana Retarescu photo
yeah...a little creepy, but a tree house, come on! :)
she looks familiar... :)

The End.


  1. oh my gosh!! i want that mug, that is sooo cool!

  2. Those castles are to die for. Also, I'm jealous of that mug!!! Very clever

  3. A splendid post. Most enjoyable and whimsical to boot. Might I have a room in your castle? PLEASE?

  4. @KerryRose: Yes, I know, I think it should be a requirement in life: live in a castle. Brilliant. Thanks for stopping by girly!

    @Nonnie: Thank youuu :) And of course, my dear, you may :) Love, love my new mug! wahooooooo :))

  5. I freakin' love that mug!!! So much fun! FIll it up with tea for me!!

  6. PS: Do you know if that competition is an annual thing?

    1. It is fun, isn't it? :)) Yes, I believe they do this competition every year. I think I might try it next year, if I can get my schtuff together in time. It's a good incentive to keep plugging away writing. Do you write??


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