Saturday, February 18, 2012

Costume-ey News and Blog-ey stuff

Happy Weekend Friends :)

I have been in a work-sleep-writing binge this past week. Spent quite a few hours researching and creative writing lately. Something I completely enjoyed. 

Currently reading: Don't Murder Your Mystery
and it's got a lot of really good, relevant writing tips and techniques in there.

Mr. Pancks finds it rather stimulating as well.
It does suck up a lot of time though. I could get lost in it for hours, if I don't watch out.
It would be fun to do a story writing blog party on here some time. If anyone would be interested in that let me know :) 

I might just do it anyway, even if no one else wants to, just so it gives me something to work towards :) heehee Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds  did one recently and I missed it! Very sad. But it was neat to read all the entries.

I'm starving right now and this puts me in mind, since I am Italian, I am making pasta for dinner. I just qualified that dinner choice by adding my heritage to justify in my head–my insane consumption of all things pasta and sauce-related but let's face it, I think I would still be a fiend for it even if I wasn't a swarthy, rather large schnozzed, italian bread eating junkie. 
It's who I am. 

Found this cute sneak peak for the Downton Christmas Special and had to post it.
Isn't Matthew adorable in this??

Should be airing in US soon, I admit to already having watched it online.
and wraps up some story lines very nicely :)
You may have noticed I added a page at the top header entitled
and it brings you to a page that has a compilation of all the
movies I have spotlighted on here so far.
Just in case you may have seen something you liked, but
now can't find the posting.

There it is, all in one spot and you're very welcome to peruse at leisure.
Second Series of Upstairs Downstairs is on its way!
Did you watch the initial three-part mini-series?

I watched shortly after Downton first aired, and while not my favorite mini-series, might be worth a second viewing in the second season. It will be airing in the UK in the fall, so we US'ers will
have to wait a bit longer unless we stoop to subterfuge.
Not that I am advocating that :)

That's all for now, folks.
Will post again shortly.

The End.


  1. I love that version of upstairs downstairs. I need to go back and watch the original series on Netflix. *adds to queue*

    Aaand you just succeeded in making me hungry with your talk of Italian. Phooey, I shouldn't be eating after 9.

    1. Nine, schnine. There is never not a good time to be eating. I find all this talk about not eating after the sun goes down–– a conspiracy. Somehow. Someway. It is.

      I started watching the first season on netflix, myself (from the original), I don't think I've ever watched a show that "old" before. Hahaha It was interesting! Not bad :)

  2. "There's some kissing... Maybe under the mistletoe? I can't tell you." <3 !!

  3. I did see "Upstairs" (the new versions) but found that I liked "Downton" better. Still... I am looking forward to S2 - whenever it gets to the states. =)

    1. My sentiments exactly. Will give it a second go when it meanders its way over here :))

  4. I need to get that book as I have dived in with both feet and am writing (and finished one) a mystery series and feel in the need of some pointers!
    I *heart* Downton Abbey!!!!! It makes me smile and I can't wait for next season!
    I pretend to be Italian so I can also indulge in wonderful pasta and bread!=)


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