Sunday, February 26, 2012

1940's Era Costume Drama Spotlight

Are you languishing the minutes away, trying to determine how you will spend
your evening, the last before a busy week starts?
Twirling your hair in frustration?
Racking your brain for possible solutions?

Probably not. 
I am sure you all have wonderfully exciting and busy lives.

However in the off chance that you find yourself quite unattached from social
obligations tonight and choose to spend a sedate evening at home...
let me provide you with some in-home entertainment options,
in this week's Costume Drama Spotlight

We're going to go with a theme here...
WWII Era  is the thing.

The first spotlight centers on four girls who join the Women's Land Army in England,
Land Girls the series
The first season follows the lives and loves of these girls as they learn 
what it means to work hard for their country, planting and harvesting crops, selling produce and
managing a working farm on the grounds of Hoxley Manor and Pasture farm.

There are three season to view, the last two seasons see the Manor transforming into a war hospital as new girls join the work force and servicemen come to convalesce.

I have not finished watching the whole series yet but the episodes 
I have viewed have been very entertaining.

For a more in depth review of this series, my friend Rissi over at
 Scribbles, Scripts and Such can give you more dirt on this lovely.


 The next spotlight is on the 2005 Masterpiece Theater production of:
Island At War
This 6 hour mini-series is based on actual events of the departure of British troops and the subsequent invasion and occupation of a German command force onto the British Channel Islands just miles from England's shores. It follows the stories of what it must have been like for the families who decided to remain there to live and work instead of fleeing to England.

True fact: when Hitler took the Channel Islands, he boasted that he was "wiping his boots on the doormat of England." 
Of course, he never was able to advance any further...

 This series follows quite a few characters, including a mother and her two daughters Angelique and June and their friend, Zelda as they attempt to keep two shops open for business whilst trying to avoid raising the ire or excessive attention of German soldiers who have turned their lives upside down.

It also follows the Island's lead government official and his wife who previous to the invasion were about to split up but since these life changing events they have decided to stay on the island together. They must grapple with housing the lead German officer and his men inside their very home.

Lots more stories weaved throughout.

This movie provided a very fascinating glimpse into what life was like for these stalwart Islanders.

Check this one out if you get the chance...


Last, but not least, I wanted to leave you with yet another 
WWII events inspired movie called
Sarah's Key

It follows a present day American journalist's investigation into the lives of a
french family who were seized in the Vel' d'Hiv Roundup in Paris, 1942.

I had never heard of this horrible event prior to seeing this movie and I was very much surprised to
learn of what happened in that city.
The French police in German-occupied Paris rounded up 13,152 mostly non-French Jewish immigrants and refugees and their French-born children and grandchildren and shipped them
off to work and concentration camps in that year.

This story is unique in that the focus of these events are seen through the perspective of
little Jewish girl named, Sarah.

The story toggles back and forth between present day and past as the journalist
begins to uncover many long-hidden secrets about Sarah's family
and the unexpected link to her own.

The more she uncovers, the more she begins to question and reevaluate her own life, for the better.

I'm not going to lie––a tissue box is a necessity when viewing this film.
But I feel some movies and the history that they portray should be seen.

Despite the tragedies, great courage and valor, is always close at hand.

This movie was very well made and I would highly recommend it.

Let me know your thoughts on these picks and if 
you've seen any of them!

Happy Viewing.


  1. Hmmm... I've not heard of Island at War - should check into that one. Love Land Girls for its "sweetness" - it is just so charming. =)

    Thank you SO much for linking to my review - I appreciate that, Jeanine. =)

    1. I'm glad I could! You do a much more thorough job than I ever can :)) I do think Land Girls positively charming :)) I need to purchase the last season now! :)) Sad netflix doesn't carry it...

  2. I enjoyed Island at War when it was on TV. I'm sad they never made any further series. The only part of Land Girls I watched was the very last episode... I would rather have started at the beginning! I will have to try and see if there are repeats on iPlayer at some point. I'd never heard of Sarah's Key before, so I'll have to check that out too, either the book or the film.

    If you like WW2 themed drama, have you seen Foyle's War? I don't know if it ever got played in the States, but it is one of my favourite TV programmes of all time! I'm not normally into detective dramas, but being set in the war (and also in Sussex, so I guess I'm naturally biased) gave it a whole new edge, and the acting is just brilliant. I highly recommend it if you've not seen it (and if you're able to get it of course...)

    1. Yes, I always get so mad when they don't do more with some of these series. I'll always be sad they never continued Berkeley Square, too.
      I watched the first season on Netflix... Are you able to watch stuff on there from England?

      I haven't seen Foyle's War but now that you recommend it, I will definitely have to see if I can find it to watch. I do love a good mystery :))) Thanks girl!

  3. I haven't seen Sarah's Key, but I loved the book. It was so sad though :(

    1. It was sad, I know. But I like to think in a small way it helps honor those who died during that horrible time, to have their stories told. And to remember. But yeah, still very sad.

  4. You should definitely check out Bride Flight! It's such a wonderful story and it stays with you. So glad I stumbled across your blog! I love your taste!

    1. Hey there Meghan I will definitely have to check out that movie. I've never heard of it! Thanks so much for stopping by and dropping me a line. :)) You are awesome!


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