Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tick Tock and Austen's Emma for two

Okay, so this is me demonstrating my "pondering-over-which-movie-you-should-watch" pose for this week's Period Drama Spotlight. Yeahh...I realize I kinda look like I have a nose twitch and about to pass out by the looks of my pasty white complexion. Niceee right?

Oh well. I did try for you.

Moving along.

I was told very forcefully and quite dramatically the other night by an older gent I know, who was attempting to dispense great words of wisdom to me, at least from his point of view, about how I needed to get out and "live my life before it was too late" because it didn't sound like I was doing much to "get myself out there".

Translation: Those lines and bags under your eyes are clearly visible to the general populace and there are grey hairs starting to gleam atop your head from under the fluorescent lights above our heads––and well, honey, you're getting old and time is running out.

At least that is what I inferred from his statement. And I'm pretty sure I not so gracefully choked on my spit at this point.

This advice came after I had just eagerly attempted to explain to him how although I spend a great deal of my time either working my one job at the hospital or working on my computer for my other job ...and sure it's like working two full time jobs but I do this so I will have the funds and designs to launch a new business in the works for awhile.

Yeahhh, so not the response or encouragement I was hoping to get from him.

He wasn't impressed. At all.

As I've run this conversation through my head a few dozen times to gauge whether he's right or not...I've come to this conclusion: True I may not get out nearly enough and yeah, I don't party like other friends of mine ever–er um–I mean all the time, but I do enjoy what I do and the goals I have and the hobbies I keep.

To me, that's a good life. And I've got a plan! I'm not a total hermit, promise, although my friends might argue that point a little :)) And okay, okay spending 12 hours over the course of two days to watch a movie series that I really like and have seen um, a couple-ish times before, might not be the best use of my time and could contribute to my blanched-from-lack-of-sunlight complexion but you know, sometimes movie therapy is a good thing. And blogging therapy ranks top as well!!

So while time may be running out for me, and evidently we don't have many minutes to spare before old age dumps itself upon me...I couldn't not post a period drama spotlight for you. It would be cruel and I would feel deprived on your behalf.

And I am all too happy to spend my precious time on here doing so for you. Huzzah!

So while I am sure, my dearies, you have all heard of Jane Austen's Emma and in particular the newest BBC version with Romola Gari and Jonny Lee Miller:

\Which is of course LOVELY to behold...and my favorite Austen story– right now (I change periodically)...

But what I'm wondering is if you've seen this lesser known take on the story down here below:

Aisha is the Bollywood version of Emma!!

For some reason when I hear the word Bollywood it makes me want to eat brightly colored gumballs. Is that weird?

I bet you had no idea of this Austenesque gem set in India with mucho style, sass and flair. It stays true to just about the whole story with adjustments to some of the scenarios because well, I don't think there is a Box Hill in Mumbai. Aisha, like Emma, loves to get involved in everybody else's business whether they want her butting in or not. She's rich, headstrong and much to her best guy friend's chagrin (you like that word?) she wont heed his advice to stay out of things.

Havoc ensues...

When Jane Austen penned this tale in 1815 she wrote, "I am going to take a heroine whom no-one but myself will much like."

Silly Jane. How wrong you were. This is a timeless story of love and friendship. And the trouble we can fall into when we don't set a guard over our mouths...

This particular version is very fun and meant to be much lighter and more jovial than the usual telling.  

The costumes/clothing used is a feast for the eyes–translation: I want the lead's wardrobe!! 
The soundtrack is great. 
The chemistry between the leads is fabulous.

You seriously have to rent this flick online or offline, you can get it anywhere... 

Yes, there are subtitles but don't be scared!!!! You don't even notice it after the beginning, I promise. You have to give this one a chance.

If you've seen neither, you must see at least one version of Emma.  For me. And Jane. She would want you to.

That's your homework assignment. Got it? :))

And report back if you've seen any of these! Tell us what you think... :))

The End.


  1. Entertaining post, girl!

    I love the new BBC version of Emma - it is so sweet. =) Seeing as I think Bride and Prejudice is simply adorable, I was interested in the Bollywood version of Emma, but isn't it in the foreign language? I am not one for foreign language films and using subtitles. I am so glad to read you enjoyed it. =)

  2. Both movies seem great! but before I even think about watching them I have to read Emma (<- long overdue)

  3. A most enjoyable post, my dear. I'm glad that you are spending your precious time writing and stepping into my life with your words and lovely photos. I think you are doing just fine with what you are doing :) I have not seen either of these films and I must admit, I also hesitate with subtitles, although I've never been disappointed when I've watched one.
    Most enjoyable, my dear xoxo

  4. I like Emma as a character too! I didn't think I would initially, but as I read the book I grew to love her.
    I really enjoyed the Romola Garai adaptation of Emma, but I also really like the Kate Beckinsale one - I think I'm torn on which one I like best!
    I'd never herad of Aisha until now, so I'll have to look out for it :)

  5. yay a picture of your face! okay, next----

    I love--nay, ADORE Jane Austen. Seriously. I haven't seen the new BBC version so I am going to try and get my hands on that ASAP. And I have never watched bollywood anything, so it would definitely be a new experience!


  6. If you are an old maid, so am I. :) how about we movie therapy together sometime? I am very excited to put this one on my list. I love Bride and prejudice, so I am sure I will also love this one :)...where on earth do you find these treasures.
    Love you!

  7. Haha! We could seriously be like sisters! I love the new BBC version; I've probably watched it about 20 times at least! I've got the entire thing pretty much memorized. My homework assignment is pretty much done already and I'll be reviewing the different versions of Emma pretty soon (my next one was going to be Pride and Prejudice but you've inspired me!). I haven't seen the Bollywood version but it looks so cute! I'll have to add that to the list!


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