Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Secret Doors...and Treasure Hunting

Slightly hidden...
Just beyond view.
An overgrown path, just barely visible.
A shaft of light betrays it. Just enough to get my attention.

It might as well be a doorway, or passageway. A keyhole or crevice.
Hard to tell from this distance.

It hints of magic.

It caught me off guard, up to my elbows in soap suds. Although thank the land of China for the creation of my newly bought–saviour of my water logged hands–rubber dish washing gloves! You seriously can't appreciate the joy this has brought me unless you too have gone any amount of time without a dishwasher. Especially in winter! Yuck. Goodbye shriveled lady hands on this twenty something year old girly.

So there I be. Minding my own business, cutting through grease and foul food buildup with my trusty Dobie when I glance up. My gaze travels through the kitchen window pane, lands on miscellaneous dog toys in the yard, a black hairy beast lying down, a cardinal dancing between branches in the now dead tree tumbling over my fence and then, 


About fifty feet from where I stand, I stare at it, my gloves stop in mid scrub...

Where did that come from?

And more importantly how did I miss it?

It''s like a,


It couldn't be.

There's like a gnome portal in my backyard!

can you spot it??
I'm not even lying. The proof is in the picture. Wally looks so nice out there. Very handsome.

Have I read and viewed one to many fantasy stories?
Pshhaw absolutely!
 But is that relevant when this little entranceway is plain as day in front of me?    

I swear it wasn't there a week ago.
Who could have made it except enterprising little fantastical creatures?

Still can't see it?

How bout a little zooming action:
I'm sorry, whaat?
Precisely door-shaped size. Where could it lead, I wonder? 

Don't think I wouldn't have raced on outside without my shoes, right then and there if it wasn't like sub zero degrees out.

And sad to say, I don't think I could fit my girth through that opening.

But it's not too tiny that I couldn't gape through it first chance I get.
Love this.
Are you fascinated by bits of whimsy like this in everyday life...?
Ever imagine that on your dreary way to work, your car will enter a time-shift in the universe and you'll be one minute on Interstate 83 and the next minute on a windy country road with hobbit dwellings on either side of you?

Or is it just me?

The elevator you grab on your way up to the office will mysteriously stop on the 12th floor.
(Ehm...There are only 11 in your building)

Seriously let your cool down for one moment and agree with me.  

It would be flipping amazing, no??

umm...where does that door lead, please?
I guess it is the part of us longing for new horizons. Adventure. The unexpected that equals sheer brilliance in it's complexity or pure amazement in it's delightful simplicity.

I want to take notice of what's around me more.

I'm not sure about you, but I feel I skip over things in life way too quickly.

Hidden treasures abound and yet, I so easily miss them. 

I'm pretty sure this gnome portal thingy has probably been in my backyard for at least a few weeks, maybe even *gasp* months, and I just haven't stopped to notice it. My head is either focused down at tasks or too high in the sky with cares and concerns to see clearly.

Makes me wonder all the other things I've missed right in front of my rather prominent Italian nose??

So I am determined to stop in my tracks. Just like this. More often.

So my point in relaying all of this, is not to reveal to you how batty I actually am, but to remind you and me of what a friend once encouraged me with.

She said, "Take notice of every little thing around you. Because God likes to leave surprises and joys to uncover everywhere. Sometimes you have to look hard. But there is always something there. So often we never notice His spectacular creation buzzing alive and beautiful around us. It goes unnoticed."

And I think, for every little and big thing we miss–which He has set on our path–– I imagine He gets a little disappointed each time when we fail to take notice and appreciate it.

So let's not forget to regard life around us with eager expectation. 

Let the treasure hunt begin!...and it never hurts to add a little imagination either :))) 


  1. I'm always curious about where random doors and passageways lead to. When I was younger I was always hoping that a door to a secret place would appear in my house, but it never did :( Therefore I'm a little jealous of your gnome portal! ;)

    1. Yes! I'm so glad I'm not the only one! heehee :) Keep never know where you might least expect to find one :)

  2. Ha! You have the coolest imagination. And yes! You're not alone; I have similar daydreams of being transported to Narnia throughout the day, especially when I'm on a train! I really want to see where that door in the picture leads! It's a door which does not make sense! WHERE does it lead?!!

    1. Leah- I wish we had more train transport here in the states...when I was in England for a few months I remember how thrilling it was for me, true it doesn't take much to get me enthused, but by train remains a romantic way to travel in my book.

      And that door––I knowww right?? OMG :)

  3. Oh! I see it, I see it! And I imagine it's a door that Alice would fit through perfectly, and then find herself in Wonderland. Secret passageways (real or imagined) are the BEST! I, too, must learn to stop and notice the amazingness (not a word, I know) of all He's created. <3


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