Friday, January 20, 2012

Coming Soon costume dramas, please!

Hello friends.
I am so excited to share with you a few up and coming
costume/period drama releases!
First up to bat is a 12 part mini-series being released in April, 2012 to coincide
with the 100th anniversary of Titanic's fateful maiden voyage:
Titanic: Blood and Steel
This series will focus not so much on the actual voyage or sinking but on the lives
of the people and their families who constructed the ship and the sociopolitical events
that surrounded it all.

Certainly a different view and perspective from what we have seen in the past surrounding
this event, so it could be very interesting...


Next up is a BBC mini-series based on true story accounts of midwife Jennifer Worth :
Call The Midwife

Set in the 1950's in the East End of London, the series follows Jennifer, a girl
from a sheltered background who goes to work as a midwife with an order of Nuns in the slums of the city helping to bring hope and care to impoverished families.

I'm really looking forward to this one.  I have not read the book but I heard it was very good as well.

Kind of reminds me of the Casualty1900's series which I loved and if you haven't seen, should also see that one.

So keep an eye out for these gals...

 Ohhh, and then there is this one...finally after half a century:
JRR Tolkien's
The Hobbit
An Unexpected Journey 
 Richard Armitage

This will of course be an amazing movie. 
One because it is set in Middle Earth. And two because Richard Armitage is in it :) 
Enough said. 

This last spotlight is an adaptation taken from Charles Dickens and finished by Gwyneth Hughes:
 The Mystery of Edwin Drood  

I was unaware of this story until now.
It happens to be Dickens last unfinished work before his death in 1870. 
It seems a rather complicated mystery centering around the character Edwin Drood and his Uncle John Jasper, who is in love with his pupil (and Drood's fiance) Rosa Bud. Drood later disappears under mysterious circumstances and so the story goes. 
True to other Dickens works there is a good deal of obsession and stalking involved. 
Many interesting characters and lots of drama.

Alrighty, folks. 
That's a wrap for now.
I could go on and post more but there are so many pictures on this post already it's probably bringing your computer to a colossal hault with all the loading. 

So I will cease and desist.

I look forward to seeing these and I hope you found some that might be interesting to you too.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments.

The end. 


  1. Heard fabulous things about the new Dickens movie - cannot wait to see that one. Call the Midwife sounds interesting (just recently saw Land Girls and loved it). Never was able to see Casualty 1900's cause it never was made available on DVD in the states. The story of Titanic is so tragic but I might see Julian Fellowes new adaptation. Even though I've never seen the movie that all re-makes attempt to fashion themselves after. =)

    1. I did watch Land Girls a few years back and remember it to be pretty good. I have heard the book/memoirs of Call the Midwife have been on the best sellers list for some time and am thinking about checking it out. You absolutely must try and see Casualty... I hate that they never release this kind of programming in the US- so frustrating!-but I watched the whole series on can rent the episodes right there online! Click on the title in this post and it will take you to spotlight post on them and you can click on the Amazon link from there.

      The story of the titanic is so tragic I agree. From everything I've heard this focuses mostly on the "before" voyage. Should be interesting I think. :))


  2. Call the Midwife has just started on TV here - I've only seen one episode so far, but it's already pretty good :)

    I'm also looking forward to Titanic, and might have to check out the The Mystery of Edwin Drood too.

    Also, cannot WAIT for The Hobbit!

    1. ohhh yes! You get to watch the episodes on tv now, lucky girl. Can't wait for the Hobbit's been way too long that we've all had to wait! haha Here's hoping it will be as good as the first trilogy

  3. I like period dramas. I definitely need to get into more of them. Have you watched Pan Am (<-its my latest love). Also, I'm determined to get into Downton Abbey (<-that you blogged about)! It sounds so interesting. I just need to set time aside to watch it)

    1. Yes, you should watch more of them!--of course you know I would have to encourage you where that is concerned heehee. I have watched a number of the Pan Am episodes and have really liked them so far. That reminds me I need to watch the newest one. I'm hoping the show gets signed up for more episodes.


  4. Replies
    1. Hey Namoi! We still have to design that blog of yours!! Email me a time!

  5. I must say that I am a little scared of Richard Armitage in that photo also. Skeeery!
    As always, I love your reviews and these upcoming must-sees look quite entertaining. Can't wait for the Hobbit. And thanks to you, I am a die hard fan of Downton Abbey! The costumes, the castle and the characters have captured my heart. I wish my dreams were in Downton Abbey format. Wouldn't that be perfect :)

    1. Ohhh dreams in "Downton format" sound lovely! :)) We were born into the wrong time period, me thinks sometimes...course I'd have probably been born into the life of the scullery maid if I'd lived then. Oh well. :)) Always love reading your comments. Love you!

  6. Stumbled upon your blog today and greatly enjoyed scrolling through all the pictures. Your blog is so unique- it's great to have something a little different from the crafts and recipes and babies. Not that I don't love those, but I did enjoy how different your blog is from what I normally see in the blogosphere.

    Keep it up!


    1. Thank you so much Bonnie for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate your feedback very much :)) Can't wait to pop by and read your blog :))


  7. I loved this post! I am a huge fan of period pieces! Oh, and I tagged you in a questionnaire if you are interested! I just thought it was fun!

    1. Thanks Kayleigh :) Loved reading your questionnaire and will attempt to repost my own here soon. :))

  8. Jeanine! Why are you so cool?! That is all!

    1. LOL. Love you girly! :))) Hope you are doing well at school and ok being away from all the fam. Sending hugs your way :))


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