Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chainsaw Marauders and this Wayfaring Girl

Quote by him. Design by me :)

I woke up to what sounded like raiding marauders trying to pillage their way through my back fence this morning. **I should note, one of the last things I did before falling asleep last night was to watch an episode of Bones where there was an investigation into the finding of a human arm in the stomach of a bear. I peaked through my blinds and was met by the site of this dude on the other side of my fence wheeling a chain saw through the air in strange delight.


Is he like the Texas Chainsaw killer?? Gearing up to not so stealthily slice and dice?  I guess his presence in my yard would make him the Pennsylvania Chainsaw killer. Double horrors.

Chalk ten points up to the tally going for which state I should move to next. Because I sure as heck aint staying here. It's time to get the heck out of Dodge. 

Have I mentioned I'm moving?

I've moved around a lot in my life. More than most. But not as much as some.

It's been fun. Fascinating. Fantastic. Educational and character building to live in so many places and have the esteemed privilege of meeting so many first rate peoples. You should know that I'm a better person for all of you I have met along the way.

To start over again with that proverbial clean slate can be a nice thing. It can be daunting though. And scary.

Made somewhat easier as a single. No other people's to have to figure in. But somehow lonelier because of it too. Starting over by one's self is a challenge. It helps greatly when family are not too far away.

And while I like a good challenge, after all this time, I do grow weary of it. I'd like to sink some roots now.

I'm in that dreaded "throwing out slash giving everything I don't really need to take with me away" phase of moving prep. Do not like.

It is so much easier to travel light. Sometimes it can be very cathartic to throw things out. But other times I can't help but feel sad for those things that must be left behind. I think I've littered the entire eastern coast of the country with things I've "left behind".

But in the end, I suppose they are just that: things. At least that is what I tell myself.

I still have my memories.

So you know that feeling you get, when the doors in your life start to shut and you find all the windows closing? You get this gut feeling that the book is ready to be put on the shelf for this particular area in your life... And then you just get this epiphany: it's time to move on.

Well, that's where I am at. It's what I've come to feel. Again.

I'm ready to hop on the bus. Destination: next please.

Lot's to do. Decisions to be made. Plans to be worked out. But it's right. I know this.

I am once again reminded to live each day in the now. To the fullest. To enjoy where I am at. And the people I'm blessed to be with. You never rightly appreciate certain things until you are faced with a move.

So don't forget to just be. And enjoy the life given to you for this day.

That's one of the good lessons to take away from being a wayfaring girl, or the wandering gypsy as my grandmother likes to call me :))

Where is this girl moving, you ask?

Well now...who can say??  :)

To be continued––[when I figure out where exactly I'm going :)))]

the end.


  1. Moving? For real! So happy for you! Keep us posted!

  2. Yes, moving can be quite daunting. I've done it one too many times but I know that one of these days I will be on the move again. But it is exciting...especially if you are going to a faraway land where everything is new. Change is good, or so I repeat incessantly.
    I love the quote AND YOUR DESIGN :) This is something I needed to hear today. Thank you for inspiring my mind to 'move on'. A great blog, as always

    1. I think if "change is good" is repeated often enough,one might start to believe it :)) But it does signal new horizons and yes, adventures and I for one, am always up for that :) It will be good for you as well, I know it! Love you :))

  3. Will you still be local? We should get coffee or tea sometime soon!

    1. For the next few months I will be. I'll keep you posted and yes we should get together one of these days soon!

  4. Love the first line of your entry... "woke up to what sounded like raiding marauders trying to pillage their way through my back fence this morning". Love it when I find bloggers who are also great writers. Keep it up. And good luck with the move!


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