Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blogger love and Arctic Chill

Hello there.
I'm sipping a cup of Lipton lemon tea right now.
It's delish.
Bit of honey added.
It's still winter. 
I'm still freezing (hence that cup of tea).
I've decided it would be a worse fate to die from freezing to death than from heat related death.
Arctic, bone chilling weather = winter = my absolute loathing.

My sister asked me like 15 times today if I wanted to take a walk with her.
I had to clarify. "You mean outside???"
She was all like, it'll be fun. We'll walk off calories.
I was like, uhm let me think about that for a non-second. No. Are you insane?
Or just part Eskimolarbear?
Spring will be upon us in 51 days.
Cannot come soon enough.

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Remember I told you about Titanic: Blood and Steel coming out in April?
Hot of the press: click below for the new promo trailer!


Some serious blogger lovin starts now:

I enjoy posting Costume Drama Spotlights on here. Reviews of them–if you haven't noticed–are not usually indepth but purposefully picture heavy because I prefer finding you fun pictures I can mess around in Photoshop with: reviewing them–not so much fun.

But if you want to to know the meat and bones and everything else in between about whether a movie or show is worth your time or not, than you should definitely hop on 
over to my lovely friends blog for more in-depth commentary: 
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Scribbles, Scripts and Such


If you're looking for a good laugh whilst reading some witty, pithy commentary on life and such, dash on over to this guy's blog. He seriously makes me laugh out loud, every time. 
Check him out here:
Boehmcke's Human Condition


If you are starving and want some fun, creative and easy meal recipes, for sure, you should gallop on over to my friend Stacey's new blog here.

Adventures Into Healthy

If you are look for some encouragement and real talk on life as a single today, than 
this blog will read like a treasure trove for you. Love this girl and her insights on life!
Check her out here.


If you are looking for beautiful pictures, inspired writing and pure blog loveliness 
than check out Jennoelle's blog here:


 If you are looking for more beautifully penned thoughts on life with a poetic
and super creative vibe than check out Kerry's blog here:

Throw You A Rose

I just recently met my new blogger friend, Bonnie, and I just had to share her blog with you too.
She's a brilliant and funny. She's a teacher slash blogger slash girl I wish lived next door to me!
Check her blog out here.


 Yay. Hope you have fun checking these blogs out.
As always LOVE to hear from you all.
In the meantime...
Stay bundled up out there.
The End.


  1. First of all, so honoured to be mentioned in this post! Thank-you!!

    Secondly, I totally get that cold-weather-why-would-I-go-outside-feeling. Our temps have finally warmed up a bit here, but not even a week ago it was so cold that my basement suite had shifted and I couldn't even lock my door. And I drank more tea than any one person should probably drink!

    And so, while I may not be with you in person, know that I am with you in spirit, drinking tea while trying to rid my bones of the constant chill that has so permeated them!

    1. Of course me dear :) I am proud to do it!

      And oh my!-shifting basement suites?? Shuddering here at the thought!! So relieved your temps are warming up. Send a little across the ocean our way pretty please :))

  2. I love tea, I drink it everyday. Honey does go so well. Great post!


    1. And! It's good for you. The drink choice of gold medalists :)) Thanks so much for stopping by.

  3. I too am honored to be in this post! You are one of the sweetest most genuine people I have ever met. And yes, i too dislike winter, and I really dislike being cold! Coffee is my vice, it keeps me warm and fuzzy as i imagine your tea does. Cheers to's coming soon and leads to SUMMER!

    1. Your very welcome Stacey!!! Love your blog and meal ideas. In fact, I'm going to make those pita pizza's this week :))

  4. WOW! Thanks SO much for mentioning me in your blog shout-outs, Jeanine - that is much appreciated!! =)

    Hey, I did find Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister... it is sold on as a DV-R (which the seller didn't specify). It arrived very promptly but the cover was broken without damage to the disc, and I did watch it and it played just fine. It was a lot of fun to see it again as I'd forgotten a lot of it. I am thinking I should maybe read the book, too. =)

    BTW: I 'tagged' and awarded you on my blog! If you think it sounds like fun, come by and check it out.

    1. No prob, Rissi, my pleasure. Wahoooo you found it! I'm so going to have to check it out on there. Will repost from your tag this week!--thanks so much :))) Hopping over to read your answers now :)))

  5. Wow, I had no idea you even put me on this post until I was going through my daily blog browsing! Thank you so much, I am honored! And also SO stoked to read through the other blogs. I just love finding great writers on the web.

    And I am SO with you on the spring countdown! Winter could not end fast enough for me!


    1. LOL. Welcome Bonnie. Glad we found each other! :))


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