Monday, December 19, 2011

He Knew He Was um was he?

He loves her. She loves him.
 Louis and Emily get married and live very happily together in London, with her sister living with them as well.

Emily is a bit headstrong and stubborn and let's be honest, Louis's jealousy is easily aroused.

He becomes convinced she is pursuing the affections of another man by being too friendly with him. He asks her to stop.
 She does not on principle of course. 

So unfolds this week's period drama spotlight:

He Knew He Was Right, 
written by Anthony Trollope in 1869.

What I like about Trollope's work is that the main tale is usually surrounded by a number of other, very enjoyable, some quite funny, and for me, even preferable subplots, as is the case with this story.

Here are a few pics of the other characters in this drama:

Emily's sister and her sister's tutor Hugh Stanbury, a friend of Louis.

Hugh's sister and a captivating stranger she meets.

Then there is this man willing to wait for true love...

A new Vicar...and a pair of rivals in the form of sisters.
Do you recognize the vicar???
It's the Doctor!...heehee
Yeahh, so this picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post, I just wanted an excuse to post it on here. Slick, I know.
So anyways.
If you haven't seen this movie, well I think you must. If you want to call yourself a true period drama aficionado, it's a requirement.

Just kidding.

But it has tons of drama, heartbreak, anger, love, frustration, more love-despite obstacles, crazy-looney tunes-kind of love, and redemption for some and loss for others.

So do check it out below, and please let me know what you think and if you've seen it :)) (You can rent it on and Netflix)


  1. Ooooo gooody! Something to watch this coming weekend while I pack! I love that you give me new period dramas to feed my addiction. :)

  2. Now I must see this!! Merry Christmas to you too Jeanine!

  3. I wish I could see that .Love watching period drams and movies. I do read lots of period books too.Some time I find their English quite heavy.But still adore them

    Your blog is very classy.

    Please, visit mine and follow each other.

  4. I've wondered about this one for a long while now... perhaps I should finally see it. =D

  5. @SarahJean: Yes! Isn't it just so much fun, though :))

    @FrenchMouse: Thank you and to you too, Happy New Years!

    @izdiher: Look forward to checking out your blog girly. Thanks for stopping by. Some of the british accents are a bit tough to decipher what they are saying, yes, I agree...just gives me the excuse to rewatch, and watch over again the same movie! haha

  6. @Rissi: Yes you should! I think you will like it. While it can get frustrating with the two leads at times because I just want to bonk their heads together, the other storylines are very good as well. Let me know what you think if you ever get a chance to see it!

  7. NO! He was terribly terribly wrong and stupid and I wanted to wring his neck so many times watching that movie! ARGH. Ok, I have vented enough...
    It makes me want to read the book now, though. It's in the public domain (for now) who knows if congress will take it away. It was completely hilarious seeing Dr. Who as the vicar. I wanted him to save the day and send the husband into oblivion on some far planet. But oh well...

    Thanks for posting about this! I had been meaning to ask you if you had seen it!

    1. I'm so glad you've seen this one, Kate. And I"m in total agreement about Louis. Talk about exasperating the living daylights out of someone, and by someone I mean me! A neck wringing would have done him a world of good. Now that you mention it, I'm going to have to look this book up too, I think I would very much enjoy reading more in depth into the story. Great idea!

      And David Tennant as the Vicar--hilarious!, right? I love the scene where the stress reduces him to chain smoking LOL. Too funny :)

      Thanks so much for sharing on here. Love reading your thoughts :)

  8. The husband was way too jealous but I thought the wife should have stopped being so tight with that man since it was upsetting her husband so much. I don't see why he had to come visiting so often and he enjoyed the trouble he was making between Mrs. Trevelyan and her husband.


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