Saturday, November 12, 2011

The other Snow...

This legendary fairy tale version is from the producers of Alice in Wonderland–which was a lovely and enchanting tale... 
And so given that, and barring I can handle Kristen Stewart's acting in this film, I think I will like this version as much as the other version to come by Tarsem Singh.

It will definitely be the more darker and grittier version of the two, which
I admit, has a nice appeal.

I also think Charlize Theron will be a more believable Evil Queen than Julia Roberts...

Lots of fantastic photos released ((and below is the first trailer!)):




    Thank you for coming by my post and I WANT TO SEE THE QUEEN!!! Anything with "royalty" gets my attention!!


  2. All I can really say is Chris Helmsworth??? YES PLEASE!!!! I may not like Kristin Stewart all that much, but I will definitely go see him ;) Although it actually does look like it will be a really interesting take on the story, so now I am quite excited to see it!

  3. Oh yes! Chris Helmsworth!! Now I'm all ears! This could actually be good!! And yes I totally agree with you about it being a darker film. The original Grimm fairytale was basically a horror story, not the lovely fairytale we often think of today. It's nice to see the sory being brought closer to the original material!

  4. @Anita: Yes, I agree! Royals need do apply, please:) Thank you for stopping by :))

    @Chronicler: I do love the variety of takes on this story, what with these two new versions and "Once Upon A Time"... Movie producers––keep 'em coming, is all I have to say :))

    @Leah: I have heard that about the original Grimm Tales but have never actually read them...but I agree that a darker version is always intriguing, and I look forward to it with interest :)

  5. so... You had me at CHRIS HEMSWORTH.


    that loooks so amazing though! I didn't know about this version. I only know about the one with Julia Roberts. Kinda weird they are releasing two snowwhite movies so close together too?? what is behind all of this I wonder.


  6. @CheChe: I notice a definite pattern here with Chris Helmsworth :)) And yes, it is rather odd that hollywood is flooded all of a sudden with three Snow's from the movie to the show. Maybe they'll convert some of the other tales as well. Hoping, here!

  7. To begin with, let my just say, I am excited about both of these productions because I love fairy-tales... but I am mostly looking forward to the Julia R./Lilly C. version. It looks more comedic than serious but I don't like Kristin S. and it looks like she's going to be doing nothing but running through the forest the entire movie. =D I'll give it a chance though because if nothing else, Charlize and Chris should turn in impressive performances.

    Fairy-tales are supposed to be "happy," and that is how the Lilly Collins version is portrayed - and I love how the humor sounds in the trailer!

  8. @Rissi: Oh garsh, I hope Kristin doesn't spend half the movie running through the forest although that is how the trailer appears...I mean, seriously, they didn't even give her any lines in the preview. I don't know if that means we should be scared or what?! :) But yes, as I am an avid fan of fairy and costume drama i will see both versions...I hope between the both of them there will be something decent!

    Thanks for stopping by :)))

  9. This looks so great!!! I am excited to watch this!


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