Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Castle and pass the food, please

You know when you have one of those days where everything seems effortless? Laundry practically folds itself...Food preparation is a cinch, the to do list has been know, you feel really productive... Inspired... Useful?

Yeah, well, yesterday was not one of those days for me.  I did zilch. Nada. Niente.

Oh oh, yeah, I did sit on the couch, stuffed under a blanket and pillows for most of the day, watching a ton of Castle episodes from Season 3...I'm still catching up.

I ate. Quite a bit actually. The more I think about it, the more horrified I am at how much I actually ate. Do you like pecan bars? Yum I ate like half a tray of them. the morning, that is. They are so yummy. Then I had soup. And triple chunk brownies. Cereal. More pecan bars. Nacho chips with cheese. Hot chocolate with half the mug containing whipped cream. Does half a pecan bar count? Took a nap. Woke up then topped my evening off with pasta with a very nice mushroom and tomato chunk sauce. Quite delish. Tried to get inspired on some design work on my computer... Got nothing. Gave up. Lit some mulled cider candles and had another pecan bar--only this time with swirls of whipped cream on top. And gave in to watching more Castle. By the way have you seen this show? It totally rocks. It makes me laugh. A lot.

Anyways. Are you totally revolted by me? Because I kinda am. The word g-l-u-t-t-o-n-o-u-s comes to mind...

I should mention one tiny little fact though. I am sick. Not crazy–sick–in–the–head, although you'd think based on my eating habits... but sick, sick. Hacking up my lungs kind of sick. And my voice sounds like it belongs to an eighty year old chain smoking man. It's attractive. Really.

I want to bury my head in a pillow when I'm not stuffing something down my throat kind of sick.

So, while I was attempting to dig up some visual research for a project I'm doing I came across this pic below... (notice how attempt at work was trying to happen and failing miserably)

I'm convinced if someone could string one of these up for me...I'd feel better after a snooze in it.

It was my dear Aunt's birthday yesterday. She lives in Florida.
I wished upon a star that I could have been there to throw her one of these:

Doesn't this look like the most fabulous party you've ever seen?
So magical. I want to sit under big, round twinkly lights.
I wonder what they were eating?

Hmmm...I think I need to go back to bed.
But did I mention that my sister brought me some seafood bisque soup and
just out of the oven pumpkin (with creamcheese) coffeecake today?
Love her!

I think I'll have some first.



  1. Oooh! Hope you are feeling better, Jeanine!

    Thanks bunches for visiting my blog - hope you come back soon. =)

    Oh, and that pic. with the twinkle lights and snow is pretty! =)

  2. these pictures are amazing :)

    your so funny... I never had days like that. In fact, I am quite a slob. I should work on that.


  3. @Leah :))yum yum

    @Rissi: Thank you, I am trying to! Isn't that picture so whimsical. I just love it :))

    @Cheche: Well now, is it bad that I'm relieved I'm not the only one heehee:)) It's a good goal to have, I think.

  4. Drool.

    And sometimes you need to have days like that, you body and soul demands it. Otherwise you end up even sicker. In heart, mind and body. True. :)

    I would love a party under fairylights like that. Fairylights are the best.

    And what are these pecan bars you speak of ? ;)

  5. i love these photos! i hope you're feeling better and that your Thanksgiving was beautiful. thinking of you often. love you.

  6. @Vikki: So true. Days like these are an often necessary break from the ncrazyness that is life. And consuming pecan bars is an essential way to accent that :))) ( this link will take you to a lovely little recipe for their rich goodness.

  7. Thank you Andrea, I am finally feeling better. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. And I hope your holiday was rich and full of joy with your beautiful family.

    I'm glad you stopped by :) I miss you.

    Love you :)


  8. This was a fabulous post, my dear. I want that bed!!! We will do a party like that one day with lots of twinkle lights. (going for the pecan bar recipe) and yes, we all need days like that just wish I could have been there to cook for you and give you large hugs

  9. Ohh that would have been nice to have you over for a stay, I think an eden burger would be in order heehee :)) See you soon Nonnie :)) Love you.


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