Sunday, October 30, 2011

Three Spooks for the Price of One

#1. I admit, there is something about a good scare flick that is quite delish.

Thick, swirling mist.

Long forgotten Gothic manors...

Rooms shrouded in mysteries...


The first spooky Period Drama spotlight in this post goes to a film
not yet released...

The Woman in Black
Based on the novel written in 1983 by author Susan Hill.

And guess who plays the starring role?
Little Harry Potter! not so little anymore...but
I am shocked how old he has gotten. Almost unrecognizable...
and yet, still the same :)
 He plays a young London lawyer who goes to the country to set in
order a recently deceased woman's estate and will.

He finds that things are not what they seem at her secluded manor home.

A woman keeps appearing to him all dressed in black. He thinks he has seen her before in
pictures around the house. Apparently a tragedy had happened on the grounds in the past
which seem to link this woman to it.

Something is not right and he attempts to uncover what it is.
I for one, would probably be running for the nearest bus station if I were him.
But alas, that would not make for a good story.

This will be released early in I have not seen it yet, don't send me mean, nasty mail
if this movie turns out to be trash. I'm just anticipating that it will be good.
Don't be haters...

#2. My second Spotlight for you is something you can watch now if you'd like...

The Woman In White
Written in 1859 by Wilkie Collins.
(Susan Hill admitted to being inspired by this work and so gave a nod to it in her title)

The story unfolds through a couple people's viewpoints. 
In this 1997 adaptation, Tara Fitzgerald and Justine Waddell plays half sisters whose 
lives are about to take some crazy turns through love, greed, murder, marriage and
the unsettling presence of a woman on their property dressed in white who appears to want to tell them something important before it is too late. 
Either that or she is stark raving mad and just wants to mess with their heads a little.
One of the two. 
In my opinion this is a very good Victorian Gothic mystery.
Two thumbs up!
I think this time period, for these kind of movies, is absolutely perfection.
  Let me know what you think...if you've seen or want to see any of these...

To watch click below:
The Woman In White part 1

#3. I did promise three while this may be counted as cheating a little bit...
as I already included this movie in a previous post...I will re-link
to it anyway because it is the
Victorian Thriller...and always a favorite for this genre...


  1. I have never seen "The Woman in White" but I actually read it this semester for my Victorian lit class. I loved the book, and am so excited to discover there is a movie version of it! Yippee!

  2. Oh wow...a Victorian Lit class??? Sounds brilliant :) What's your favorite book so far?

  3. Out of the ones I read, I would have to say "East Lynne." Something about the feel of it kept me reading. I would definitely suggest it to anyone with a love for period literature!!

  4. Will definitely check this out :) Love reading classic Lit. Shirley by Bronte and Evelina by Frances Burney are two of my all time favorites.

  5. I haven't read either of those yet... I may have to look into those for my Christmas reading list!


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