Thursday, October 6, 2011

Magic mirror on the wall...

New photos released for Tarsem Singh's Snow White 
which will be hitting theaters on March 16, 2012 in the U.S.

Lily Collins (Blindside), 
Julia Roberts, 
Nathan Lane,
 Armie Hammer (Social Network).

Lovely, freakishly awesome costumes are involved so um, of course I had to 
highlight them here. 

Looking forward to this fairytale adaptation. 
I'm quite partial to any adaption from beloved fairytale stories, and this
one promises to provide a sumptuous visual feast, at the very least :)



  1. I never knew they were working on a SNOW WHITE movie!! i'm so excited for it! Snow White looks beautiful too. I love her eyebrows. I kinda have an obsession with eyebrows right now though. Why does Julia Roberts have none? so sad.


  2. Hey,

    Lovely blog!

    Following now so looking forward to upcoming posts.

  3. @Cheche: Yes, I know, in fact there are two adaptations coming out quite close together I believe... I think this one will be my favorite though. The actress does have nice eyebrows...very full. I think if I sported that look though I'd look like a hairy gremlin.

    My tweezers are my friend.

    Thanks for stopping by girly! :))

    @Lenara: thanks for stopping by as well! You are a very talented photographer :)

  4. I was thinking that about her eye brows too. Mine are quite thick too so it's nice to see someone making a fashion statement out of them! I love these pictures! I am so excited!!! The other one has Kristen Steward in the lead. Not a good beginning!

  5. @Leah: Lol...I know... Kristen Stewart...I remain very skeptical. The lead actor from Thor plays the huntsman which is quite nice but I hope I will be pleasantly surprised where she is concerned...Not so hopeful :))

  6. GOOD EVENING !!!!!!! I am so happy to meet you! THank you for coming to visit me, becoming a member and leaving a comment. Not all who wander are lost, as Tolkien says! You have a fabulous blog here and YOUR photos are magnificent! YOu caught me during a temporary post that I had to put up last week as I was struggling with my regular posts. I hope tonight Blogger will allow me to do what I so enjoy doing. This movie looks like a TON OF FUN!!!

    Enjoy a wonderful weekend Anita

  7. I am so excited to see this movie!! I hope it is good! Thank you so much for stopping by and your kind comments! I appreciate it very much!

  8. Oh my...this looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing such lovely images!

    The French Mouse

  9. @Anita: Ohh Love Tolkien! What a perfectly wonderful quote. Thank you for sharing and I hope your blog gets straightened out. I had some trouble with my recently. Computers...alas...their freakin awesome when they work, but when they dont...! Grrr

    @Poppies&Sunshine: yay, me too :)THanks for stopping by

    @French Mouse: I love this director and I think he will do an awesome job with it. Thanks for stopping by :)

  10. Oh wow, these are amazing! I love how wild and over the top some of the costumes are!!

  11. First, your post made my know that my teeny weeny itsy bitsy blog makes a difference in the land of spectacular blogs. Second, had not heard of Snow White coming out ~ used to color and color and color AND color Snow White coloring books, while drawing and drawing AND drawing Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. The images gave me chill bumps ~ the good kind. Though, I do think Angelica Houston would have made a better evil queen. You know the dark hair and all that. Julia will have to dig deep to convince us of a dark sinister nature. :) I will be praying for you especially these next few days, dear one ~ xox Alexandra

  12. @Megan: Yes! They are indeed. I just love that they are crazy unique.

    @Alexandra: You better believe it lady, I was so disappointed when I clicked on your old blog url and found a big fat empty nothing. I am so happy to have relinked with you :)

    Angelica Houston would be perfect in that role...I loved her in Ever After. I'm thinking the same about Julia...definitely a different role for her...should be interesting.

    Thanks for your prayers I appreciate them very much.


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