Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hello there Mr. Fall

There is something rejuvenating and uplifting about being in the great outdoors.

To escape from behind closed doors and rooms that sometimes feel too crowded with memories,
 to feel the freedom that accompanies chilly air colliding with skin.

To take in sweet, deep breaths that deliver more than just the required
life supporting elements.

I have been doing this a lot over the past few days...
It helps in so many ways, on so many different levels, really.

One of my favorite things is looking down at the ground 
covered in a plush carpet of russet color leaves.

So beautiful. 

Footpaths beckoning the curious and adventurous.
Corn fields ripe for picking: gold and gleaming.

Steamy mugs of hot chocolate and Earl Grey Tea awaiting back home.
Cozy blankets and bright colored afghans ready for me to snuggle under.
These are a few of my favorite things about right now.

And being with my family. spending time together, and of course you know...eating.

Yes, I've been doing a whole lot of this recently.
For medicinal reasons, of course... what?

While eating is a consummate ending to any brisk outing, and despite
the fact that it probably undoes all the calories just burned...

I find I don't need much of an excuse to indulge.
Keep it coming boys and girls.

Soups and casseroles and hot buttery breads and pasta are a perfect start.

I do eat a lot of pasta...
I'm Italian, please don't judge me.

 The seasons come and go so quickly now, it seems.
Try to enjoy just being in the now, and get out there into the great outdoors and
enjoy some of this fall goodness before it goes to sleep for another year.

  I hope you have a lovely rest of your week.

Keep watch for next post:.. Spooky Period Drama Spotlight :)


  1. Those are some beautiful photos, girl! Happy fall :)

  2. Thank you Kerry! You can imagine my horror when I heard in the news my area might be getting snow tomorrow! Aghhh! I have not finished with Fall, yet, please! Oh dear...keeping my fingers crossed :)


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