Sunday, October 30, 2011

Three Spooks for the Price of One

#1. I admit, there is something about a good scare flick that is quite delish.

Thick, swirling mist.

Long forgotten Gothic manors...

Rooms shrouded in mysteries...


The first spooky Period Drama spotlight in this post goes to a film
not yet released...

The Woman in Black
Based on the novel written in 1983 by author Susan Hill.

And guess who plays the starring role?
Little Harry Potter! not so little anymore...but
I am shocked how old he has gotten. Almost unrecognizable...
and yet, still the same :)
 He plays a young London lawyer who goes to the country to set in
order a recently deceased woman's estate and will.

He finds that things are not what they seem at her secluded manor home.

A woman keeps appearing to him all dressed in black. He thinks he has seen her before in
pictures around the house. Apparently a tragedy had happened on the grounds in the past
which seem to link this woman to it.

Something is not right and he attempts to uncover what it is.
I for one, would probably be running for the nearest bus station if I were him.
But alas, that would not make for a good story.

This will be released early in I have not seen it yet, don't send me mean, nasty mail
if this movie turns out to be trash. I'm just anticipating that it will be good.
Don't be haters...

#2. My second Spotlight for you is something you can watch now if you'd like...

The Woman In White
Written in 1859 by Wilkie Collins.
(Susan Hill admitted to being inspired by this work and so gave a nod to it in her title)

The story unfolds through a couple people's viewpoints. 
In this 1997 adaptation, Tara Fitzgerald and Justine Waddell plays half sisters whose 
lives are about to take some crazy turns through love, greed, murder, marriage and
the unsettling presence of a woman on their property dressed in white who appears to want to tell them something important before it is too late. 
Either that or she is stark raving mad and just wants to mess with their heads a little.
One of the two. 
In my opinion this is a very good Victorian Gothic mystery.
Two thumbs up!
I think this time period, for these kind of movies, is absolutely perfection.
  Let me know what you think...if you've seen or want to see any of these...

To watch click below:
The Woman In White part 1

#3. I did promise three while this may be counted as cheating a little bit...
as I already included this movie in a previous post...I will re-link
to it anyway because it is the
Victorian Thriller...and always a favorite for this genre...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hello there Mr. Fall

There is something rejuvenating and uplifting about being in the great outdoors.

To escape from behind closed doors and rooms that sometimes feel too crowded with memories,
 to feel the freedom that accompanies chilly air colliding with skin.

To take in sweet, deep breaths that deliver more than just the required
life supporting elements.

I have been doing this a lot over the past few days...
It helps in so many ways, on so many different levels, really.

One of my favorite things is looking down at the ground 
covered in a plush carpet of russet color leaves.

So beautiful. 

Footpaths beckoning the curious and adventurous.
Corn fields ripe for picking: gold and gleaming.

Steamy mugs of hot chocolate and Earl Grey Tea awaiting back home.
Cozy blankets and bright colored afghans ready for me to snuggle under.
These are a few of my favorite things about right now.

And being with my family. spending time together, and of course you know...eating.

Yes, I've been doing a whole lot of this recently.
For medicinal reasons, of course... what?

While eating is a consummate ending to any brisk outing, and despite
the fact that it probably undoes all the calories just burned...

I find I don't need much of an excuse to indulge.
Keep it coming boys and girls.

Soups and casseroles and hot buttery breads and pasta are a perfect start.

I do eat a lot of pasta...
I'm Italian, please don't judge me.

 The seasons come and go so quickly now, it seems.
Try to enjoy just being in the now, and get out there into the great outdoors and
enjoy some of this fall goodness before it goes to sleep for another year.

  I hope you have a lovely rest of your week.

Keep watch for next post:.. Spooky Period Drama Spotlight :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

One who has gone ahead...

Like a fleeting breeze that is here for a moment and then gone the next, so everything has changed in my reality.

Nothing is the same as it was before.

On the evening of Sunday, October 16, 2011 my beautiful mother passed away into the arms of Jesus after a year long battle with sickness that overwhelmed her body.

At the young age of 53, my mother's race has come to an end. The tasks the Lord set before her have been completed.

Over this past week I have battled overwhelming sadness engulfing me. She has gone on ahead and left us all alone here. Left me without her.

I never said she could go...

There is so much I wish I could have asked know, just about everything, and life, and stuff, and never got the chance to...Didn't think I wouldn't have all the time in life to do so...

So much more I would have liked to tell her.

I wish I could give her more kisses and hugs. Tell her another hundred times how much I love her and how beautiful she is.

There is a great sweeping void that has been left in my life. It's crushing.

I miss my mom.

Soooo much.
However as I sit here thinking about it...I shouldn't really be speaking in the past tense about her because she is not gone, not really truly gone...

No...she is alive and well.

She is just not here with us on earth. She is just beyond the veil that separates the heavens and the earth.

With the angels and Jesus and a whole cloud of believers.

I can't wait to see her again. I get excited when I think of all she is doing right now. I wonder who she is meeting...what she is experiencing...

I can only imagine the celebrating and joy she must be feeling now to be free from all the pain and anguish she faced every day for a year.

She was a Godly woman who loved serving the Lord and serving her family.
She was a phenomenal elementary teacher that her students and co-workers loved. 
She was a virtuous woman, cherished by her husband. 
She was an exceptional, outstanding and nurturing mother whom her three children adored. 
She was a caring, loving daughter and sister to her parents and brother.

I wanted to honor her here...

But my words could never do justice to the surge of emotions I feel. To try and sum up a life in anything less than forever is, well... It just seems futile.

I hope and pray I will be half the woman she was on earth.
She was so amazing.
Full of patience, lovely, kind and self-sacrificing.
The best cook around.
Encouraging and super supportive.
Loved watching a good period drama flick...a true aficionado :) 

She displayed monumental courage daily in the face of herculean giants...

This woman was truly astounding and inspiring. Her example in living will give me strength and motivation until the day I breathe my last here on earth.

In the 7 months that she spent in the hospital, I never once saw her cry. I never saw her give in. She was quick with that beautiful smile of hers. Quick to make us all feel that everything would be ok. That God is sovereign and faithful. That no matter what, it will all make sense in the end when we face our maker.

That although we question why? and how come?... we can ultimately rest in the goodness of God. That He is sovereign and all His ways are just. That He may allow crazy things to happen but it doesn't mean his heart isn't breaking along with ours. That one day we will understand why it had to be this way...

This is a fallen and broken world we live in...

Thank God, this earthly life isn't the culmination. As a son and daughter of the Living's only the beginning.
 And I take great comfort in the fact that I will see her again soon...just not yet :) 
Not yet...

I love you mom.

Jesus said to her, I am the Resurrection and the Life. Whoever believes in and trusts in Me, 
although he may die, yet shall he live;
    And whoever continues to live and believes in Me shall never [actually] die at all. Do you believe this?
   She said to Him, Yes, Lord, I do believe that You are the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God, Who was to come into the world. [It is for Your coming that the world has waited.] 
 John chapter 11:25-27 (Holy Bible) amp


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nurses we are not...

Is there such a thing as sobbing fatigue? Because I think I have it.

I can scarce believe that over a week has flown by since she has come back home after so long.

My mother, who has been very ill for the past year decided she wanted to come home ((after 7 long months in the hospital)) and she has opted to stop certain life support measures that have been sustaining her.

She is on a ventilator at this time and my sister and I have been trained in how to properly care for her in the home environment.

Nurses we are not.

However I do have a medical background as a paramedic, but I admit to you my readers, that absolutely nothing prepares one for taking care of a loved family member at this level of need.

It is absolutely daunting.



Exacting all of the strength and fortitude one can muster.

Honestly, I feel my armor has been reduced to scrap metal.

I am constantly engaged in fighting back insubordinate tears that refuse to obey. If I could, I'd have them court martialed. I'm sooooo tired of their constant companionship.

I am not alone though.

My fellow comrades in the fray with me are treading the same weary path as I. Trying to keep each other encouraged.

Despite all of this, I feel relieved and even happy as well, if that is possible.

Relieved that she doesn't have to be left alone throughout the day and night in a hospital ICU room any more after we have left to go home. Her tiny body looking swallowed up in that big bed. All alone.

Here, she is surrounded by family who love and cherish her every moment of the day.

Happy, that she is happy to be home. Happy to be able to make this whole discharge home for her possible despite the doctors doubts that we, her family, would be able to handle it all by ourselves.

We have proved them wrong. We are doing just fine.

"I love you" are three little words repeated as frequently as can be fitted in throughout the day.

She is the strongest person I know.

Our faith remains strong as well. God has a purpose for everything.

He is beside us through every step of this rocky journey.

We're going to make it, come what may....

I'm going to make it with my sanity intact, I'm determined.

We will get through. Yes we will.

We will keep her encouraged and enjoy every moment we have, as we always do.

I love my beautiful mother :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Magic mirror on the wall...

New photos released for Tarsem Singh's Snow White 
which will be hitting theaters on March 16, 2012 in the U.S.

Lily Collins (Blindside), 
Julia Roberts, 
Nathan Lane,
 Armie Hammer (Social Network).

Lovely, freakishly awesome costumes are involved so um, of course I had to 
highlight them here. 

Looking forward to this fairytale adaptation. 
I'm quite partial to any adaption from beloved fairytale stories, and this
one promises to provide a sumptuous visual feast, at the very least :)


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