Thursday, September 22, 2011

Umbrella, please
To keep going. 
That is most certainly the challenge amidst the chaos of cloudbursts and life's torrential downpours. 

That come what may... 
God will be there right beside us to unfurl the raincoats and umbrellas–to help us alleviate the deluge that has hastened to our doorstep.

Burdens too heavy to be born, need only be offered up.
Gladly they will be shouldered by another. Bigger. Stronger. 

Thank you, Father.


  1. I love how you phrase this. So often we complain because God doesn't take the rain away... but as you put it, He is there to "unfurl the raincoats and umbrellas." He is there to help us push through, despite how hard the deluge falls.



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